Monday, March 29, 2010

This n That

As March comes to a close. I am fairly certain March came in like a lamb and if the forecasters are correct, it will go out the same way, even better. Which is nice to be sure but I prefer to have a lion in there somewhere.

I'm posting just some odds and ends of pictures that I say I am going to blog about and never get around to it. I finished the quiet books as previously stated, continue working on the meditation shawl (knitting), decided to attempt to make an Easter project that Jocelyn's friend makes so professionally, Robert's mudding the kitchen walls and we have the paint for the ceiling and the walls. He has (supposedly) a 4 day weekend coming up but I told him whatever is done on Wednesday is when we quit. He deserves a long weekend to NOT work at any kind.

So here goes:
Dawn blessed my button box with some of her special buttons...including the darling dinosaur ones. Lucky me!

When Cara and Jacob and family drove by and visited all the families, I heard that 3 of my kids discovered an gnome in their yard, a surprise. I was pouty and said, I didn't get a gnome...I guess they didn't spend the night so no gnome. But Jocelyn told me to look. I hunted and hunted and never found him until I was leaving for an Easter fireside last night. I think my gnome was really a wood nymph because he was hiding outside the fence in the wood pile. Good thing he was hiding cuz adorable things seem to get stolen outside 3830. So I brought him in and you can see how adorable he is by the birdhouse (or is it a gnomehouse) and the crocuses.

This is a concrete gnome my mom and Roger gave Robert years ago.

He sits at the base of a tree that has died on one side because of the other tree that was there, which Robert removed. I doubt this tree will come back so he just guards it and us. Now he has a companion guardian.

I wanted to show off this amazing arrangement made for stake conference by Mark Lewis:
As Mark explained it to me...the upright bamboo rods are the straight and narrow ending with the orchids on top. The bamboo rod at an angle represents opposition. Then there are the lovely flowers on the base. He separated all the flowers from the 2 huge arrangements and got to bring home a bird of paradise and a few of those other tropical ones whose name I cannot recall.

Interesting thing about Christmas Cacti...they often bloom again for Easter...and here are mine...blooming. lovely.

And finally, here's what came in the mail today for Robert and me...from my godparents for Easter. Delivered from Figi gifts....very fun! The easter bunny didn't forget me this year.


Lin Floyd said...

wow you did alright...we're off to Texas to visit my hubby's kinfolk for easter. have a lovely holiday.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

awesome post!

Millie said...

Love the bird of paradise arrangement...its gorgeous...actually it matches my living room...hint! hint! LOL...LOL...LOL!

I miss my Christmas cactus, in my previous apt. there was no lighting from the windows and it eventually died. My two giant palm trees also died. Now I have an apt. that is plant empty. I need to buy some sometime when I can afford it.
nice post Susan.

marissa said...

Funny...that gnome that grandma gave you looks like dad in the face a little..

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