Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick Day surprise

My 4:00pm piano student stood me up (drats...which is why I had to make up the rule, if you stiff me without notice, you still owe me) so I was upstairs sewing. I heard the door bell about an hour later so Niko and I hurried down the steps.

I was surprised to see my good friend, Jan, at the door...and she had ridden over on this:
This is her new Schwinn, Roxie, that was Larry's Christmas gift to her. She says she's not a pink person but she loves the bike....and she should. It's adorable. Roger would have loved the white sidewall tires, for sure.

But the bigger surprise came as she came inside, took off the backpack and presented me with a tin, tied in a lovely bow. Have you guessed?
Can you see what's lying on the roll top desk? Look close. Closer!
A button box...again...with a lovely variety of buttons too. The collection on the right came from a variety of her friends who she contacted and asked for buttons. Wasn't that kind?!

But the box filled on the left came from her friend, Judy, who raises Jack Russell terriers and rescues other dogs as well, rehabilitating them so they can be adopted. Jan and Larry actually got their own Jack from Judy.

Altho I was overwhelmed with the buttons, and so excited, what brought me to tears, along with Jan who stood beside me crying again, was the following letter Judy sent with the button:
And as I have tenderly touched and exclaimed over the variety of buttons Judy chose to share with me, I thought about the sisterhood that can be developed through the sharing of something as small but as huge as buttons. Buttons from friends. Buttons from one's mom, long since gone, to another who grieved over the loss of her own mother's buttons.

On Friday night's Numb3ers episode, Larry is marrying Charlie and Ameta and he gives the most interesting discourse:

"You know the four fundamental forces of physics are: electromagnetism, strong nuclear interaction, weak nuclear interaction, and gravity. These are the forces that bind the universe. But what binds humans?

Love.....defies time, is powerful in small spaces yet with profound effect on distance.

Love defies time...outliving both its source and its object.

Love is fast than light...for light requires time in order to travel through space.

But Love reaches its object instantaneously.

Love journeys forever into infinity and it's here, binding together two lives."

And that is all so true. And in an instant I knew I had a new person to love...Judy. I have always loved Jan. She's an amazing woman and so smart and so much fun. But suddenly, here comes Judy. I don't even know her but I love her for her kindness and generosity and suddenly I do know her.

Thank you Jan...and Thank you Judy. This was such a special gift today. Now I need to go and play with the buttons, allowing them and the love that brought them to me to flow through my fingers over and over. Shiny, dull, colorful, metal, leather, many kinds. I am blessed.


Dawn Mercedes said...

OH WOW! What a friend of a friend! You must be thrilled!

Better than any button! Now, if you find your box, you will have to share with Judy!!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

This is an awesome gift and what awesome friends!

Lin Floyd said...

what a neat present and loving friends...

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