Wednesday, March 03, 2010

sleep and death

I've always been a stomach sleeper. It is so warm and nice, so cuddly. When I had my children, I was so grateful after delivery to be able to once again sleep on my stomach. Once a nurse said she couldn't believe how rapidly I flipped over to get my own sort of comfort. When I had the back injury and resulting surgery I had to learn to sleep on my side, with a pillow between my knees or on my back with a pillow elevating my legs. Still not comfortable.

Since my fall and breaks and surgeries last summer, I've had to sleep on my back a lot. And then I graduated to my side again (ugh). But recently, I've been sleeping the way I like. And it's heavenly.

This morning, however, I thought about being in a coffin (think Tombstone coffin here..wood, no lining ... most definitely NOT a silk lined over-the-top priced casket). I sure don't want to be put in my grave lying on my back. So I wondered. Since I'm NOT have a showing (no are you listening? Will you remember this? NO VIEWING) do you think I could be at least laid to my rest on my side. Will someone see to this for me?



Lin Floyd said...

I don't think you'll even care then since your spirit will be elsewhere not needing sleep-now there's an interesting thought-no sleep or food needed for years. And of course we'll be back to our original thin-at least that's my!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Oh Brother!

jan said...

7. Myth: Sleeping on your back may prevent wrinkles.
Fact. After hearing this, we're never sleeping on our sides again! The American Academy of Dermatology says that sleeping in certain positions may result in "sleep lines." After time, these lines can turn into deep-set wrinkles, so flip over and get your shut-eye on your back.

yahoo news today thought you should know!!!

gremhog said...

Not going to flip over Jan...but here are great comments from my friend Sandra:

Hmm. Did you know that you can 'rent' a casket for a showing? Then you are cremated with the liner and put into a cardboard box for burial or an urn to display on the mantle.

My dad did NOT want an open casket and we respected that. My Grandmother had a foot that was dead from gangrene. I did not want the funeral director to have to deal with that so we had her cremated. Oh boy, the complaints I heard that Grandma was not at the funeral home. I did have lots of pictures and a very nice service at Burmeister followed by a real full blown Catholic mass. Later I took her back home to New Jersey (I wasn't quite sure if I should put Grandma in a carry on bag or send her thru with my luggage. I decided to go with the luggage. Less to explain to the xray people. I sure didn't want to have to open that box.)to be buried in a plot she owned. Well, actually, it might not have been the plot she truly owned. Somehow some records were lost and no one could find where my Grandfather is buried and Grandma was supposed to go next to him. We put Grandma in the hole the cemetery caretaker dug and went off to lunch. The cemetery is adjacent to a church and directly across the street is the house my Mom grew up in! The next day we toured New York City.

Just some cheery things to think about!

marissa said...

As a very, very strong believer in not letting a festering, make-up caked dead body lay around for a week after its served its purpose, I will see to this for you, given that if I go before you, I get cremated and thrown in some large body of water or cluster of trees and everybody has a big party nearby. deal?

Millie said...

I am all prepared. i have my plot and my temple clothes are all ready, but I hope I get to celebrate my 100th Birthday so I can enjoy my son's life with his family. I will be buried in the ground next to my baby boy and I akso bought the plot on the other side of me & Sammy for Billy & Jen.

After seeing how someone at our apt. complex was treated by her family when she died, I made sure I had a long talk with Billy setting my requests straight upon my death and how to clear out my apt. and my belongings afterwards. I think these things should be done by the person before they are in their death bed. So since your mind is still good make sure you write out what belongs to who and what they should do with everything before that day comes. I even have Billy as my power of attorney, I have a living will and a health will. I am ready.

Dawn Mercedes said...

I already knew viewing. And probably not on your side, only b/c we'd ahve to get an extra tall coffin. But perhaps at least a lot of pillows in there to cushion you!!

HollyCat said...

Come on now guys! Isn't your mother worth buying a couple extra pillows for? All that love and support she gave you for the 112 years she was alive....isn't she worthy? I even think I have a nice body pillow I could chip could prop you up a bit without being totally on your back or side. How does that sound? Nothing but the best for my Susan! xoxox

cherrystones said...

If you like, we can lay you on your stomach just the way you like. However, if we do that, I want a viewing. Can you imagine. I'm sorry. I'm not laughing at the fact that you would be gone, but at the fact that you would be on your stomach. Still laughing. Sorry...

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