Saturday, March 27, 2010

Movie Suggestion

I honestly do not know why this movie was on my
Netflix list. And I don't know who might have recommended it but I am certainly glad it was and that I did. Plus, I am glad I finished it even though Robert got too busy to see the end.

Furthermore, I am begging you to get this movie if you can endure a Japanese movie with English subtitles. It was so beautifully filmed and acted and the message, no messages, were tender and true.

I see that on this picture it says it was an Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language Film. But I got this out before this year's Academy Awards so it's not new.

My mother-in-law became a mortician when she was 60 years old. She had wanted Robert to become one as well, and to run her cemetery business. If you know Robert, you know that he doesn't deal well with dead bodies and so he refused. So his mom refused to pay for his college. My mom ended up helping him finish the last year instead. Bless her heart ( I mean it altho if Teri reads then then she'll know why I added it). I think I should have been one, a mortician...I have found it perfectly calming. I was grateful to have been able to dress my mom, when she died, along with Jocelyn and Kitty and Millie. And others along the years.

But this is a story about what's acceptable, what's important, what's clean, what's musical in the non-musical sense. What we do for those we might not even love...and how we end up loving those we didn't. And do not allow the picture of the man playing a cello throw you off. This movie is not about a cello performer.

The Gone Rogue Bookclub I belong to read a book in Feb which only the suggester remotely liked but there was this bit about stones/rocks. I missed the meeting but I was going to take the 2 rocks I have. The green one was given to me by a teacher in my high school, Mr. Swalley. He had come to visit me while I was in the hospital recuperating from a car accident. He took out this lovely green rock, his worry rock, he told me. He said it used to be bigger but that when he worried, he would rub the rock. I have kept that rock, not because I need to rub it when I worry (cuz let me tell you, my greatest gift is worrying) but because it came from a sweet man. I don't remember exactly where I got the 2nd one but it's so beautiful. I just often take it out just to look at it.

And yes, there's a bit about rocks in this movie. But oh so much more.

So if you have seen this movie, or if you do view it, let me know. Let's chat!

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marissa said...

I never knew that story about dad and the grandmas!

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