Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Domonkas Retiree

This is Midge Liles, our favorite librarian. This was her last day at Domonkas Library in Paradise. Midge always made our visits fun just by being so open and ready to share a laugh. It is going to seem very strange to go up there and not find her there. Midge lives in SL so we might run into her someplace's not like SL is very large. But when you become accustomed to seeing her at the library you don't look for her elsewhere. Now we will have to.

Interestingly, Midge has a daughter whose name is Cara...and it's pronounced like our Cara...CAR (like an automobile) - a. Not Care - a. Her Cara is expecting her first child very soon and so Midge will have the freedom now to travel and be with her new grandson. And that's reason enough to retire.

BUT I was told today that Midge didn't have to retire. Despite the budget cuts and the RIFing, Midge could have stayed on. But she retired which allowed a younger librarian to keep her job. Whoever "her" is. That's the kind of woman Midge is and I am so glad she's a friend.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Yay Midge!! What a great woman! I love that she stepped down to help another librarian. How very selfless! And congrats to Cara on her first baby! We just saw her last summer at the reunion!

Lin Floyd said...

i wish her well as a retired librarian and new grandmother-by far the funn-est job.

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