Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Calling all Women's a blog entry I want you to read today:


yes, it belongs to my Euchre-opposing daughter. And yes, she stands very good on this:

And what intrigues me about this pix is the shoes selection. They might be work boots or they might be combat boots. But they are Boots That are Made for Walking. And I think that more and more we need to find our own boots, and our mouths, and stand up to protect the innocent in whatever form, sex, nation they appear. And standing, we have to shout til we are heard.

Let's value what's valuable and shut down what's trash. It'll only be an uphill battle and I doubt it will be won very often. But at least in your homes, it make a battle won.


Millie said...

very well said! there is NO in between.

Lin Floyd said...

those boots say a mouthful...we really need to choose our battles and do something positive other than just join in the criticisms of whatever we dislike. Act don't just react.

teamk said...

I like that they are work/battle boots too.

JP said...

You taught her well. :D

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