Friday, March 19, 2010

Blog Candy over at Jocelyn's blog

We all love blog candy but these giveaways are really quite amazing. So hop on over to Jocelyn's blog and see for yourself.

Personally I like it that Jocelyn and her family enjoy spreading the joy that goes along with her 12 days of Easter. It takes but a small bit of effort to spread truth. But so few people want to more than just talk about it.

last night at the party I already blogged about, Gail and I reminisced about Rex Humbard and the Cathedral of Tomorrow, in Akron. She remembered the stuff we all sent away for and spent hours scrolling up small strips of papers which had scriptures on them. Then on top of the rolls, is a toothpick. She and her grandma had ordered the same sort of thing decades ago and it had come with a toothpick.

Often the smallest things in our youth, outlast the big things. Memories are wonderful.


Lin Floyd said...

Yes they are, I'm so impressed. Great Easter ideas.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Hey Mom - The felt chick/eggs are still available, she just sells out of them as fast as she can make 'em! With good reason...can't wait to order mine!

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