Friday, March 19, 2010

another wonderful surprise

Lookee! Lookee! Robert brought in the mail last evening, right before I was leaving for a RS meeting in Elyria and I could travel all the way there with happy thoughts. Hillary had sent me her button collection. I felt sad that she gave them up but happy she gave them up to ME!

She said she just collected them, but doesn't sew so it was OK...but wait. Isn't that what collecting buttons is all about? Collecting them, having them for when you need them? I am going to hope that she does restart her collection because being a mom to lil Miss Lily, she's going to need them. At least she'll know where they are when she does.

Jordan didn't think they were my kind of buttons. He was wrong. A button collector is not picky...A button collector loves buttons for buttons' sakes.

So thanx to a young mom who collects just cuz she can. And thanks to Dawn who gave the initial shout out to my family to share their buttons with me. I have great family! and great buttons! not to mention a lovely velvet drawstring bag. Gifts coming wrapped in another lovely something ends up being 2 gifts.

Last night, at that dinner meeting I mentioned earlier? It was a RS birthday celebration and I had been asked to talk. Various women had agreed to host a table. They brought the linens and table settings and the decorations/theme, dessert, AND a take home gift..another committee had prepared the meal. I sat at Gail's table. It was the first time she had hosted a table and it was lovely. I was so busy taking button pix previously that I had neglected to return my camera to my purse so you won't be able to see the tables, each individualized. Gail had filled a lovely container with seeds, soil, candy, energy bar, bookmark etc. The seeds are forget-me-nots as is the silk flower that sat at each desert plate, a reminder to not forget to do your visiting teaching. Cleverly arranged. Peggy did the table behind me and each person at her table (plus me cuz she's kind) received the padded plaid heart box with a mini candy bar. Theresa's table was all St. Patty's day but the beauty was in the overlaid table cloth, a hand-crocheted gift from her mother-in-law, godfather's sisters, now deceasced. The table cloth could have been machine made, it was that perfect. What a lovely reminder and keepsake for Theresa. Karen did the table in yellow, all spring like and her dessert was 2 bundt cakes arranged on top each other to end up being a huge cupcake. Karen didn't need to buy that special cupcake pan that's all the rage now. She figured out how to put one together with what she had on hand and then surround it with a handmade cupcake 'paper'. The ladies at her table all received little spring music boxes. An extra table, in case more people came than signed up was done in lilacs by Kyleen. It was a great night remeeting old friends and making new ones.

But it gave me pause to realize that so many people have so many good ideas. For years I've heard this story that we only use 10% of our brains but last week, on the radio as I was driving, I learned that this is NOT true and why it's not true. So I salute these ladies who used all their brains and creativity to present such lovely tables and transformed the cultural hall (really the basketball court and who thought basketball was cultural? Oh Jill and MB would, I guess) into a lovely dining experience where really, I didn't even notice the hoops til all the tables were being dismantled. They were there but the event was not the hoops, it was these wonderful ladies and a fun night.

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Lin Floyd said...

sounds lovely and how fun your collection is growing. you can leave it to your little grand daughters and continue on the tradition.

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