Friday, February 19, 2010

Thanx to you

Know the Mother Bear emotions/feelings? That's what has been my emotion over that stupid Euchre incident. Pick on my daughter/son/ die! But that's what we moms do, isn't it?

for the update...there will be no face card playing at the 'activity'. Not sure what will be planned but no face cards. Sadly, HIS response sounded like a mirror image to what Holly commented (AND yes, I love you, too, Holly but I don't agree with either of you).

But so many of you have been so supportive and encouraging to Dawn, in particular. If you read it here, you commented to her personally. And that was just super. Lots of good thoughts and experiences were shared.

One young woman had to discuss a certain, inappropriate movie that was being shown in a certain place. One derogatory toward women. That got changed.

One that I really liked and had heard before mentioned that when the prophets quit speaking on that or any other topic, then they've figured their instructions are falling on deaf ears. And they say no more. We have been warned...and we will stand accountable.

So many people who have their own churches have commented that they do not use face cards. My good friend's church, may be close to going into the red but will not resort to gambling or cards or any other such tactics. They hold meetings and devise ways to make their it tithing, donations, etc.

My son wrote Dawn the most awesome letter of encouragement and she was so touched by it. He won't have me just copy verbatim to the blog but here's a few points. He and Hillary were smart enough to make a bit of a game out of the endless possibilities that have ocurred in similar situations or might. In Utah a college trend is to have Mocktail can figure that one out...simulating drinking. Or how about a list of reasonably priced restaurants which might include a gentleman's club happy hour...where the food is cheap and the service spectacular. He looked up on his resources and discovered that face cards had been discouraged since Zion's Camp. I loved that he commented on the man's comment that there's nothing been said lately about face if the idea had passed (see the above suggestion). We haven't heard a talk in church lately about not killing your neighbors but that doesn't make it less relevant, he comments.

But he did thank Dawn for sharing this fun circumstance with them. And I realized that after all was said it done, if looked at it in a bit of a fun view, we could laugh it off better.

Well, maybe not laugh it off...but see the ridiculous thought that went into the original plan...rather than fussing. And yes, here in Paradise, I fussed. Gossip about my girl, closer her off... Why I oughta......................!

So that's that.

On to the next crisis...if only I can remember to keep my sense of humor...sick and as dark as it often is. Remind me.


Lin Floyd said...

consider yourself reminded...I appreciated Dawn comments and it helped me clarify some thinking I've had about card games and reinforce my feelings that they weren't appropriate. thanks Dawn! and her mom for teaching her.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Go Dawno!

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