Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lewis, lovely Lewis

A sunbathin' Lewis

A primpin' Lewis
Lewis with his friend Clark...both mirror hogs!

And here is Lewis with his buddy Clark...both mirror hogs it appears. I am not a cat person for myself but I would never really want to direct ill will toward one. And they can be such lovers, supporters, sustainers. I think Lewis was this and now I hope Clark steps up and fills the void. Jill is so good about finding a black stray cat at her door and bringing them in. Or maybe, just maybe, they find her. I think the next time another one comes beggin' food, he will be brought in and domesticated. But none will fill Lewis' spot...but will get his/her own spot.

My friend Holly writes for a certain magazine. Yesterday she sent me a column that did not get printed and I thought it needed to have it's due. I will post it here (when she reformates it so it will fit) because altho I can accept that some people don't do pets because of time, schedules and/or allergies, I just never understand people who don't have a pet, who have never had a pet, who are too selfish to have one. Pets are the perfect gift to homes.


Written by Holly R. Ware

There has not been a time in my life, when I haven’t had a pet. I have had rabbits, hamsters, cats, dogs, turtles, iguana, gecko, and fish.

Some lived long lives, some lived short, but they were all loved immensely…whether they wanted to be or not!

Most pets are secret keepers, friends, companions, and sidekicks. They can also be used as pillows, blankets, paper weights, and fashion accessories.

My pets were all the above at some point in time. But they were mostly my friends.

When I was seven years old, my family moved to a small allotment community in Vermilion, Ohio. Since the neighbors at our previous home STOLE my cat, my parents felt it imperative to find a replacement.

I was on summer vacation when my father came driving down the road in his Volkswagen with a huge smile on his face. I ran to meet him and he told me that there was a surprise for me in a box on the passenger seat! I was very excited! I hopped into the driver’s seat, closed the door, and popped the lid off of a huge brown box that was wedged between the dashboard and the car seat.

At the bottom of the box sat a small black and white kitten. It was the cutest thing I had ever laid eyes on. I was so excited and amused by the new little ball of fur, that I sat in that hot, hot car until the sun went down.

Eventually I named him Mittens because of his white paws.

We grew up together. He was a friend when I felt lonely, a comforter when I was sad, and a baby doll when I needed to dress something up!

When I would throw slumber parties, he would amaze my friends by sitting outside my bedroom door howling my name, “Hoowlly, Hooowllly”. He was quite clever and exceedingly loyal.

When I turned eighteen, I moved out of my parents house and into an efficiency apartment. I was extremely satisfied with being on my own, but was greatly saddened that my beloved “Mittens” was too old to handle a move.

I would visit him when I could, since I only lived a couple miles away, and with every visit he looked older.

A year later, I got the dreaded phone call from my mother, “mittens died last night.” My heart began beating so fast and hard, that I could hear it in my ears. “Oh my", I thought. “How could I not be there for him, when he had ALWAYS been there for me?”

I know, I know, he was “just a cat.” But he was MY cat, my friend. I still get choked up when I think about him.

Since then, I have had numerous cats.

My mother just had to put her cat of five years to sleep last week. It never gets any easier. It’s hard to say goodbye to a well loved companion.

I was there with her through the whole ordeal of rushing to the vet, having the animal struggle to stay alive, and eventually the inoculation. Heartbreaking is the only word that can adequately be used to describe the feeling of seeing all of this go down.

Can we love our pets too much, I would say not. Pets love us unconditionally. Whether we are overweight, freckled, sick, or depressed, they do not judge.

Too bad people are not generally that way. Too bad we don’t see ourselves the way our pets see us. We are so hard on ourselves and so quick to judge others that we leave very little room to love and accept.

It is an intense eye opener when a loved one dies. Open your heart to all opportunities that present themselves. It is much sweeter to say “I love you” now than to wait and have to say “I loved you.”


JP said...

Thanks Susan!

kimlis said...

Home IS where the cat is.

So sorry to hear of Jill's loss.

I still grieve over my 14-year relationship with my cat who died in November. Thankfully the little cat is taking over my heart by following me and keeping tabs on me. You can always count on a cat to love you... especially when you need love most...

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