Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sewing Smackdown #2

I'm old...I've mentioned that before, haven't I? It's not that kleenex wasn't invited yet. It was just that in my family, a lovely hanky was more important than a piece of paper or (for Holly) a sleeve. I so remember my grandmother spritzing her hanky with bit of Shalamar perfume before tucking the hanky into her handbag (purse). In the picture below you can see some of mine. There s an old white one with lace, very belonged to my grandmother. The one with the "C" on it belonged to my mom (for Center). There's one that has red embroidery on it that says "Anthem" with a date. That was a token the RS president Dorothy Salyer had me make for any sister who actually created/composed a song or poem for a women's conference. And yes, I composed a song entitled Anthem. You will still often find a hanky in my purse. Like real cloth napkins, I think they are nicer to use, are more absorbent..but I will grant you that using a kleenex and then flushing it immediately is probably more hygienic.

But how do children learn to iron...assuming they ever learn to iron...if not by ironing their daddy's white hankerchiefs or their mom's dainty ones, I ask you? It's the first 'advanced' chores my children had. And yes, I still enjoy ironing Robert's and love the look of the stack of them when finished. But I have to admit that he's gone to the dark side and is fanatical about the use of kleenex. The ironed ones get used on Sundays and have often been passed out to weeping damsels at the pulpit.

But now to my Smackdown. Another thing we did years ago, to make the ever-growing kleenex more acceptable was to make these darling 'holder's for travel size Kleenex. Here is all you need:
A cutting board or scissors, small piece of fabric, double folded bias tape and a packet of tissues. The fabric should be ABOUT 7"x 6". You will need to test as you go because not all of the travel tissue packs are the same size these days...darn.

Next you will attach the double fold bias tape to the short sides.
Now you will need to fold the fabric so that the finished edges overlap slightly. This forms a pouch. Now sew the ends together.

And turn inside out. Insert the tissues into the pretty pouch.
By added a small bow to one side, allows a little prettiness to a silly little project.
Can you envision the variety you could make...some for holidays, or favorite colors. Imagine a ladies luncheon where each friend finds this at her place with her name attached, a lovely reminder of bygone days when a hanky was once the norm or when Kleenex was valued more than just a flushable health item.


Dawn Mercedes said...

ooh, this is great and can help me use biased tape! I love that bow!! This is so much better than the paper ones stampers make! haha

Jocelyn Christensen said...


Could really use one of those with all the kids' runny noses!

Lin Floyd said...

fun project, when I picked up my last son Jeff in Japan I bought some cloth holders over there for tissues, They were always passing out tissues free in train stations etc and those who were sick or didn't want any germs wore surgical masks-that took some getting used to...

Michelle VP said...

Lovely project and practical too! I enjoyed reading about your cloth hankies. They're so pretty, I wouldn't ever want to "use" one though. :) Best wishes for a happy birthday too!

Kate said...


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Kim said...

I bought those tissue packs and was going to make one when I have time. Yours is so cute with that bow. I am going to have to borrow the bow idea.
HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!

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