Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Carpet

This is posted mainly for my kids to see...and for Hillary who requested a blog entry with pictures.

So on Thursday....we looked at carpet and ordered and it was layed on Friday. It's called Calico Sky and altho it is a blue, it's also a grey. And no, we haven't painted yet but it will get done. The installers were super, even moving the grand piano. Robert had bought skids to put under the wheels so that it pushed very easily. I saw the installers start to push the piano and hurriedly asked if they wanted me to get my husband. But they said no problem. It was a bit offsetting to see my furniture literally stacked up in the dining room at one point.
can you make out the piano, the black bookcase, the 2 pieces of the roll top desk upended, no less? the couch, the hutch? Yikes!

Then out came the old carpet. We had really considered putting down a different flooring in the hallway but what we looked at just didn't work in our heads. But when I saw what the original flooring looked like, the one that was here when my folks bought this house, I knew why nothing but carpet would work. Everything we were shown, somehow reminded me of this...even tho I couldn't remember what it used to look like. But once reminded I knew immediately why my mom demanded carpet! So for my kids, here's what it used to look like before Gunner took over.

For's the strip that the carpet gets tacked onto...had to take a picture cuz it's proof that this is Robert's home....clear underneath.
Out came the carpet and hear the ripping made me cringe. But I did peek up the stairs.
And here's the finished stairway. This time each stair was upholstered. It's lovely. Very cushiony...throughout, not just the stairway. And yes, we love the new carpet. Currently, I've decided to make my piano students all come in through the garage. Let's save the carpet while the weather is still winter.


Lin Floyd said...

looks lovely, fun to improve your home-make it your own.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

I love that floor underneath! Good times...LOVE YOUR NEW CARPET!!

HollyCat said...

Was there yesterday and it really looks and smells nice! Don't let the name of the carpet fool you, it is not SKY is a rich gray/blue and it really feels warm and inviting!!!

Dawn Mercedes said...

I completely remember the faux cobble stones. That was there for some period of time before the carpeting arrived. ENjoy the new carpet smell and feel!! xoxo

If you have comment moderation, you could take off the word verification.

teamk said...

wow! I remember that...pebble flooring. Super carpet choice! Thanks for the pictures.

HJHatch said...

Love, love, love the new carpet color!

Doesn't it completely change the feel of the house? That with new carpet makes it an entire new place!

Thanks for sharing

marissa said...

the carpet looks great, although i've gotta say that i'm a big fan of that cobble floor. is it wrong that i still love it?!?

Rebecca Stay said...

Great choice!
That is the very color my parents had in the home I grew up in. Wonderfully soothing and it looks marvelous with Corot paintings. people coming in often said they felt like they were in the temple. . .

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