Monday, February 22, 2010

Moving and Tossing

I give up. My beloved red tin button 'box' is really gone. I have had it forever. Dawn thinks I tossed it away when I moved and I'm beginning to remember or think she's right. We have searched for days for it. It's gone...and all the buttons I'd been collecting. All the buttons my mom saved. Domed ones, flat ones, wood ones, all sorts of colors, rhinestone ones. What am I to do? Buy more? sure..but that's no fun. There was history to those buttons and a lot of use left in them. IF I had decided to not keep the tin, I certainly wouldn't have tossed out the buttons, too, would I? Well, I guess so.

And then there was this man's shirt pattern. Sorta like the ones worn by the calvary. The kind with the separat front piece that covered up the button placket. Robert had wanted one years ago and I had bought the pattern. But never got around to it. But I had saved the pattern, hiding it from his eyes. Now he going to go at that (stupid) trek this summer and I thought I'd make it for him. But is it around? Naturally not.

Grrrrrrr. and More GRRRRRRRRRRRRRs.

I KNOW for a certainty that I didn't toss out that pattern because I still wanted to surprise him with it. I looked at the pattern books but couldn't find one like it....mainly cuz I was certain I had the old one still around. And Robert was with me and I didn't want to spill the surprise. Maybe I'll go back and check them out again.

I'm never moving again until I get moved to the pine box.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Looks like a 7 Brides for 7 Brothers shirt!

gremhog said... are absolutely is a 7Brides for 7Bros shirt...double darn

Dawn Mercedes said...

oh, those buttons will show up!

Lin Floyd said...

look online for a pattern, keep looking or check out the local DI? or ask friends to donate you some buttons even your internet buddies and start a new collection. Never say never. life goes on...

Betty said...

I have my mother's button jar with lots of really old buttons. When you find that pattern and need old buttons, come over and take your pick.

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