Friday, January 15, 2010

test baking

Good morning. Today I had another recipe to test for Marcy Goldman's newest cookbook which will be out sooner or later. I think it's the best recipe I've tested for her so far. Sorry...cannot share the recipes but when this cookbook hits the bookstores, I'll announce it so you can purchase it...or see if your library has it.

You've heard me say this before...but Marcy's recipes are amazing. Today I had a summery muffin to test. The plus side is that I had frozen whole, blackberries from our own yard and Hank/Marissa's home brewed vanilla. Add to that a tart apple and a vanilla fondant on top...well, words cannot describe what the tongue tasted today.

Do you remember the old Lay's commercial? "Bet you can't eat one"? Well, this is what applies to this recipe. But alas, I ate half a one and share the other half with Robert. And the reason? Because Cutie Patootie asked Robert last night if I was going to be baking again this week. Cutie works with Robert and is complimentary of my offerings by asking for more. So I cannot eat but that one since all the rest will be going to feed the crew.

Happy morning....and it's in the 40s today. Not much sun except for the fact that there's enough light out to let you know it's not nighttime. But it's bright and sunny in my kitchen...which, by the way, also smells great!

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