Thursday, January 07, 2010

Tension...for Jocelyn

Perhaps we are like this drop of water. We plop ourselves against heaven's door, awaiting entrance for an answer. And then we sit there. And sit there. And wait. Eventually, part of us sees through the 'air layer' and we gain a bit of understanding....if we are lucky....and learn patience as a byproduct! But whoa...wait! We are bounced back to earth time and time again. The explanation for the droplet bouncing is that the surface tension is the quality of the liquid that causes the surface layer of that liquid to behave like an elastic sheet.

So what is the surface tension of heaven, I wonder.

So why all the bouncing? Could it be because we need to bounce back and forth...always returning to that water, the life giving element, for answers, for comfort, for peace? And then to be embraced with good answers, good truths....what a nice way to live.

We believe that God's time is different than ours. One day with God is like 1000 years here on earth. So in slow motion, the drop reveals so much more than actual time does. Perhaps if we could slow down each moment, each thought, each act, each opinion...perhaps we would have revealed to us so many more intriguing things.

Ah....Susan! There's that element of patience you do so need. Hmmmmmmmm.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

I like it! I'm going to ponder this today, thanks!

HollyCat said...

Saying that God's one day is equal to 1000 years is a guess. Instead of thinking about how much time we have, it may be best to not think about time at all. Man put limits on time...not God. There is no beginning and no time. We put so many limits on things(including God). By giving time limits we usually hurry ourselves and sometimes miss the "big picture"...sometimes resulting in having to take "more time" to do it over or again. Our bodies have a time clock...our spirits don't. Shouldn't we live spiritual lives and not worry so much about our bodies? We will always have spiritual time...which makes you wonder why we try so hard to "keep time" or these imperfect human bodies.

HollyCat said...

I guess what I was trying to say is that our quantity of time is so much less significant that our quality of time...if it is time that we HAVE to keep.

Lin Floyd said...

amazing, just watching that process slows you down and makes you aware of all the beauty we miss in our busy fast paced world. great reminder to slow down and appreciate all the gifts this earth life holds for us.

HollyCat said...

Guess who....still thinking about this really awesome video. Just like water...we change form but never identity. TRUELY BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for this lesson today Susan!

Cheryl said...

Hi, I stopped by after a comment by Lin. I so enjoyed reading and processing this post! Thank you.

Anonymous said...
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