Monday, January 25, 2010


When my mom married John Center in 1953, we moved to a brand new home on a street that hadn't even been paved yet in Parma, When the street finally was paved there was this huge street party to celebrate. Everyone on the street came out, and yet there were still forested lots that eventually held homes. Does any new street ever do that anymore?

We lived next to the family, Gutchow (real name). Not the most desirable family (maybe I ought to blog about biting incidents one day). They had 2 daughters, Kathy being just a year younger than me. Next to her were the Providenti family (real name) with a daughter my age and one my sister's age. One night we decided to connect our homes, by the upstairs bedroom windows with a 'phone' line. Actually it was 2 papercups on a pulley. Mary Lee's mom wasn't too happy about this and Mary Lee wouldn't participate altho Kathy would run from our window to their window and report. We didn't live very far apart at all...but it was fun. We had tried several times to pulley across a cup of water from Kathy's house to mine (they somehow had a partial bathroom upstairs). The cup never made it across the driveway but it was fun.

Talking on a taut string through paper cups was the typical activity for those days of innocence and silliness.

Yesterday Robin used that very same concept as a visual aid. And her plastic cups, attached by a string, worked very well. But when she cut the string, the communication was stopped and we were reminded to listen to the promptings and act on them as they lead us to good, no matter what.

Millie commented on how one day last week she was overcome with thoughts of me and worried that I was not OK. So she picked up a phone (a real one) and called me. But I was fine. I jumped in on her story by saying, Yes, I was fine but I spent the rest of that day being very cautious about everything I did, especially climbing stairs...which brought about a bit of good humored laughter (yes people still laugh at my August falls and breaks and surgeries).

But that's often what happens when we act on something, some prompting, some feeling. Nothing. And we might feel stupid and decide to never do THAT again. But there are always more things going on in the universe than we can see. What if Millie hadn't called me? What if I hadn't have decided to take it as a concerned, loving warning and didn't watch my step? What if?

Who knows. But I do know that that phone call from a loving friend, might have made all the difference in how I walked that day...and made all the difference for all my days because of her love, because she made that telephone call, kept the lines open. For that moment, a cup of 'water' made it across the driveway.

Nothing broke.


teamk said...

ahh, that's sweet!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Very nice... :)

Lin Floyd said...

nice to read a post from you again. Have you checked out my blog lately and my cute background? You have the same design I do but no background...time to get busy.

Dawn Mercedes said...

off to make a phone call...

Millie said...

Excellent, I missed the old Susan and your blog looks so good. I feel now more connected to your stories than I did with the black & white layout. It was too cold. Now its warm, invitng and very lovely.

Nicole said...

My grandma and grandpa have lived in the same house in parma since my dad was born in 52. When they moved there the street wasn't paved either and they have a newspaper clipping of when it was super muddy with tire tracks in it. I thought that coincidence was pretty funny.

Kate said...

What a sweet story!

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