Saturday, January 30, 2010


Had a delightful day. Robert and I left about 7 and traveled to Columbus. We worked on Nilisari's family names from Indonesia. I learned more things about that country when Nilasari came and chatted.

Colleen had sent me a coupon for 50% off a HoneyBaked Ham and since we don't have that store in our neck of the woods, and there are like 4 in Cbus, we bought the half ham. Man...that is the best ham and with the coupon we could actually afford it. I peeled off a slice before I packed it up for the freezer after we returned.

Next we treated ourselves to BDs Mongolian BBQ. I love that place...and as always it was packed to the brim.

We traveled home 1 exit further on and shopped at the Lodi Outlets. Did I mention earlier that I had burned up my hand mixer? I don't think I've writen about it but I have sadly told my friends. I've been test baking for Marcy Goldman again. Last week I needed to make frosting that called for the food processor. It was late and I was tired. I had been baking a lot and I just didn' want to think about dragging out the processor. My mom had bought me a very nice Black and Decker hand mixer years and years ago. It was heavy duty and I figured it would do the trick. I figured wrong. And I ended up not only burning up the mixer but I still had to get out the food processor. But I'll tell you, the frosting was well worth it.

So today I replaced the mixer. It was much too cold (about 16 degrees) to traipse thru the outlet stores but we did go through 2 of them. Then it was on to home, grateful for a lovely day together.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Sounds lovely...I need a hand mixer too!You'll have to tell me which kind to buy...

Lin Floyd said...

sounds fun...are you back up to speed yet?

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