Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jocelyn's Gauntlet

Jocelyn has thrown down the thimble, as Dawn wrote in her blog today. Here's the challenge from Jocelyn.

Here are the rules for the Smack-Down:
1. Sew three different projects.

The projects can be new or ones you've already started,

but not one you've already finished.
2. Post a tutorial for each on your blog on the due date.

The projects are due on these three Mondays: Feb 1, 8, and 22.
3. I'll post photos and links to all three of the projects on the same day.
4. The project that receives the most votes is the Smack-Down Winner,

and will earn herself bragging rights within the family.

(I know that by challenging some very awesome seamstresses,

I am just asking for a Smack-Down...but I already told you, I'm just crazy like that.)

So I have agreed. I spent yesterday afternoon planning and managed to come up with 2 things. The 3rd might take more brain cells but today I realized that it won't be due until the 22nd, not the 15th as I had thought. So that is good. I needed to contact Dawn for details on a story. Because you know me......

I have BLOGaria. I can't ever seem to just post anything without some story attached to it. Some history. And that's what I needed for project #1, the story. And luckily I had given the story to Dawn. That being said, I finished off project #1 and have it written and scheduled to be posted late Sunday night.

I will work at lessening project #2's story/history line and keeping with a tutorial...hopefully a better tutorial than #1's. But oh well...a smackdown is a smackdown. Once accepted you gotta go by the rules.

So Faithful Readers, come join my blog on those 3 Mondays and see what I have come up with.

Happy nearing end of January.


HollyCat said...

You are an absolute HOOT!!! I laughed so hard! YOU GO e'm what ya got! May the best Hatch win! Good luck ladies! (ps...I'm the same way with the stories...what's up with dat?)HA!

Lin Floyd said...

welcome back my blogging mentor-have missed your posts. will check on what projects you come up with-great idea for winter blahs and indoor creativity.

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