Monday, January 04, 2010

2010 January 4

So how do you say the calendar year? Twenty ten? Or as I do, Two thousand ten? Whichever, I do know that today is Cara's 35th birthday. We were able to speak for a couple hours today as I cleaned the bathrooms.

Cleaning. After 5 months and bit more mobility I have decided to work on some sort of schedule for cleaning. It'll be slow going but for not, it will have to do. I've decided Mondays will be clean the 3 bathrooms top to bottom, daily swipes and then another nice clean on Fridays. But Mondays will be the biggie. Not sure how the rest of the week will pan out but I got a start. They each smell very clean, are very clean, very shiny in looks.

Christmas was delightful. We were able to spend it with Jocelyn and Steve and family. They were nice enough to allow us to bring Niko. I need to make earlier arrangements to do things so I can get the dog into the kennels. It was fun to watch the bedlam of kids, presents, games, activities.

After we came home, and after church on that Sunday, Robert surprised me with a new laptop. Actually, it's the first laptop I've owned. What a treat. Now I just need to learn how to use it. Did you all know it can scroll on a page with the roll of the finger? I didn't. I learned that at Jordan's. Then a friend who was coming over to help me find drivers so my old printer would work on the Windows7 OP laptop. He got the drivers but then gifted us with a brand new Canon Printer. We were floored. Wanted to say no, but that wouldn't be gracious. His wife said he 'knew' people. He jokingly said, Yes, Guido...who gets them right off the truck. Jokingly, I repeat. But it's a beauty...but something else I need to learn.

We were able to spend a few hours with Jordan and Hillary and Lily. That was a delight. It is so much fun seeing my son, who really was never into babies, really become a dad who takes great delight in everything his daughter does. And he's married a lovely woman who's been a great wife to him and is becoming a wonderful mom.

But learning again, as we do each Christmas is that the Savior's gift to us is the best. And His light shines in so many of our friends as they continue to hold to the iron rod. I am glad it's 2010. No resolves per se....just a hope that my body gets stronger and thinner (ha...that's also jokingly said), That I get more active. That I get more smarter.

So to all bloggers everywhere...keep blogging. Keep telling all how wonderful life can be, is, will be. Let that window into your home be opened for us to enjoy.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Life is wonderful...the good and the bad work together to make us better people. 2010 will be the best yet!

Millie said...

Jos, I agree.

About the blogging...I blog and no one stops through my blog pages...only me.

Lin Floyd said...

welcome back, you've been missed-hope your new laptop means you'll blog more and visit mine. Lin

HollyCat said...

I was about to come over and start banging on the windows!!! Thought you may be a goner since you haven't blogged in so long!!! Glad your alive!!!!!! Also glad that you had such a Merry Christmas! We have a lap top too and it is great! You will LOVE it! xoxo AND CARA....IF YOU READ THIS...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! xo

Millie said...

As Billy was giving the blessing before baptizing Natalia, he realized he was baptizing his baby girl. That's when he choked up...It was very emotional. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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