Thursday, December 03, 2009

dec 3

It's been awhile since I have posted and I really would like to post pictures from the very enriching Thanksgiving week we had here. But update...I am now weening myself off and out of the boot. This horrible boot that I have HATED for 4 months? Well, now I want to put it back on. It's security max. Silly human nature. But I will continue to ween and hope I can find a shoe (besides my beloved Converses) that my still swollen foot will fit into.

Thanksgiving began the weekend before, with the arrival of Jocelyn, Steve, Guy, Scarlett and Autumn. It was so wonderful to have them here. One of the highlights was having Jocelyn and Steve really clean up the basement for me AND haul stuff to Goodwill. It had become the dumping ground for these past months but in my head I knew what it looked like and I couldn't tolerate it.

Steve and Jocelyn took a walk with Scarlett and Guy and enjoy the beach. Seeing this picture of Steve and few others that Jocelyn took, reminded me of pix she took last year when Steve's parents were here...and Steve has the same bearing as his dad. Interesting.

What I love to do with the kids, any and all of them, is to bake with them. This trip we made a cake and Guy frosted it and Scarlett decorated it.

The Christensens left on Monday to travel to Kennedy's and celebrate Thanksgiving with Cara, jacob and family; and Monday night Marissa and Hank arrived from Atlanta. It is always fun when they come. A new store finally opened in our Paradise...St. Cinnamon...which I have previously written about. We enjoyed their cinnamon rolls one morning and that night we enjoyed a monstrous feast at The Moosehead. There's nothing better than a Porky Pig...a pulled pork sandwich topped with cole slaw and french fries....unless it's their ribs...or steaks...or anything else The Moosehead offers.

They left on Wednesday morning to spend Thanksgiving with Jordan, Hillary and baby Lily, and Dawn, Ken and kids arrived before dinner Wednesday afternoon. Dawn is amazing. She cleans and cooks and repairs...readied my house for a few decorations this year. Jocelyn gave us each a special ornament she made as giftbox 'bows'. Saturday, while Robert and Ken went to the temple, we scoured the craft stores to find enough of the "ingredients" so we could make a bunch of them. That also entailed Dawn using my scroll saw to cut the wood pieces off...But we made nearly 60 of these Holy Family ornaments. These will be my Christmas 'card' to friends near. We also hit a rubber stamp store and had a great time stamping an ornament.

Thanksgiving was perfect with the Barretts and my godparents.

Friday we traveled with Barretts to Jordan and Hillary's home in Columbus...we met up with Jocelyn and family and of course, Marissa and Hank. We had hoped the Cara et. al. would also be joining us but alas, Cara got ill and wasn't able to make the trip. The event? Jordan and Hillary choose to bless their new daughter in the sanctity of their home. Their wonderful bishop came as well as Hillary's mom, grandparents, and uncle, and their good friends, The Eves. It was a lovely day, especially seeing Lily in the christening gown my grandfather wore in 1898, made for him by HIS grandmother. Afterwards we had an amazing dinner.

Does this picture remind you of Kunte Kinte being shown to the stars!? Lucky Lily..with a dad and mom who love her so much, who will do their best to teach her all she needs to know and do.

And now it's time to move on to Christmas. Last year my Christmas Cactus bloomed because I bought it blooming. The 2 that belonged to my folks didn't fair quite so well. So I nurtured them all year and the newer one bloomed in time for Thanksgiving.

But last night as I was talking sweetly to the two I had planted together, I was happily surprised to see teeny, tiny buds...on these will produce flowers as well this year.

But the fun thing I learned about this fall was Paper Whites...wonderful Narcissus bulbs, called Paper Whites which you can plant on decorative rocks and with just enough water to cover the roots, they will produce lovely, delicate white flowers in winter. My first one has done just that. This was my Thanksgiving take-home gift (or sent home as the case might have been for some who traveled). I noticed the NHB's bulbs were growing lovely and will hope the same for the rest.
So it's on to Christmas. All my gifts have been purchased and delivered one way or another. Now my house has all the decorations it will have this year since I am not ready to do a lot of climbing and hauling. But it's nice. There were a few things I couldn't find until I remembered I had given them away to my kids....hoping they will get as much enjoyment out of them as I did for all those years.

Christmas is a time for presents but it's also a time for presence. And that's a much harder task at time. But I look forward to Goodie Exchanges, dinners out, musicals (I'm singing with the stake choir and doing selections from the Messiah...who would have thought?), parties. We will be just the 2 of us this year but that's OK. I had decided last year that our big dinner will be Eve night...and just gnaw on a ham all Day. There are 2 birthdays to celebrate, Jordan and Hillary. I also was asked to volunteer again at Scholastic Book Warehouse in Strongsville and they accommodated my injuries by allowing me to sit the welcome desk and greet all the shoppers. Life is good. No...Life is plain WONDERFUL.

And all because the Savior and His Father made it possible.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

ooh you changed your blog format...nice...I prefer the wider format...wish mine was like that.

also, I can't find my paper whites anywhere...did I leave them at your house?

And did you get the package yet?

Millie said...

like the clean new look....good job.

Lin Floyd said...

thanks for catching us up on your life. you haven't blogged for a looong time. sounds like a wonderful family time. It's fun to be with family-can never get my two sons Brook, Frank and family to join us but we enjoyed seeing Dan and Jeff's families and had a baby shower for Rachel-a new grand daughter in Dec 29th or so. Take care, glad you are healing and realizing blessings from your mishap.

Kate said...

Looks like lots of fun! How great to get to see all the kids and grands :)

kimlis said...

L-o-v-e the family pictures! Every family with the new family and baby, Lily. Thank you for sharing them.

(I noticed the Pampered Chef scissors Jocelyn was holding...)

You two must be so grateful for all your children and the good choices they have made and are making.

kimlis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rebecca Stay said...

I sure understand what you mean about the BOOT as a security blanket. I feel that way about my ankle brace and back brace: I just wear them when I am going to do something physically stressful. Keep us updated on your improvements.

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