Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Do you know what NaNoWriMo is? Well I certainly didn't but Jill informed me and encouraged me and then basically told me to get on the stick and write something. And obviously the national month is November. And guess what? It's NOVEMBER!

It stands for National Novel Writing Month. I know at least 2 people who oughta sign up...Randy and Jacob. Now those men can really write. But since I have nothing better to do, I might as well write. They don't ask for quality...just quantity. Since I have a blog, I certainly understand that principle. Love Gary as I do, that was just quantity. Fill up the day for Halloween.

This morning, knowing Jill was going to ask me about it, I decided to ponder...what in the world could I write about that I haven't already blogged about. Nothing came. Took a shower and thought the water could stream over me with ideas. Nope..just water.

Jill called just now and again, I had no inspiration. UNTIL............Robert walked by with another one of the recently made sticky buns. Aha! I have an idea....and I have so many thoughts. So I have a to write a novel.

Thanks Jill.


Lin Floyd said...

way to go susi Q. I think you should write your life story...

gremhog said...

i'm up to 1024 words...time to quit.'s not my life story.

JP said...

To all your readers: remember it's not just an Ohio thing, it is a national no excuses--get writing! :D

marissa said...

awesome, mom!! can't wait to read it. but will it be written backwards?

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