Sunday, October 11, 2009


I didn't mean for the last 2 posts to be so upsetting to anyone. all started with graphics and was meant to end up that way.

Cara commented:
That is sad and scarey! Remembering your advice about going to BYU, "You can go, but keep your eyes open. People aren't always what they seem to be."
I found that interesting after all these years. Mainly because after all these years, it still is my main advice to anyone. And please no hate comments because I wasn't a gung-ho cougar, tho I graduated from there! But I still find that to be excellent advice altho somewhat ? What? Not kind? thinking the worst?

Lucky for me I consider myself having been on the receiving end of a gift. I have this good ability to understand people. To see them as they are long before they reveal their true selves. Does it come from keeping my eyes and ears open? I don't know. Does it come from within? Yes, definitely that! It's a gift (re: Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl...."what? They're scared that I got... such a gift?" as she looks disparagingly at her flat chest). And it's a gift that I treasure and hope to keep polished and on display for myself.

It would be lovely if all the world were filled with kind and loving, honest people. I learned so long ago that if people want to say something nasty, they use humor. Most people don't get the barb when it's couched in funnies. Sadly, I did. I do. Also sadly, it's an ability I have had to overcome. My sense of humor is very bizarre. and probably dark. Twisted some might say. But I know how easy it is to say something in humor when really what I want to say is out-right straightforward. sometimes I do. And then I get in trouble. But it's better than having someone say to me years later...did you mean this or this.

So keep your eyes open. Look for the clues in a person's face as you are talking to them. Are they truly agreeing with you or just being nice? Are they sitting in silence because they agree with you or because they do not. Look for the telltale quivers. Watch "Lie to Me" for examples. It's all there. It's all on your face. My mom warned me about my face giving away my true feelings. So I try ... but honesty doesn't erupt when you least expect it. It just erupts

So move on. Vote for whomever. Pray for whomever...they probably need it. Watch for those Gadiantons. They still exist and are lurking...and not so much in the wildernesses, the hills, the deserts. They are getting braver and more daring. Just keep your eyes open. SEE!


Randall Bott said...

I've always suspected that the Gadiantons were just an allusion to the Freemasons.

I trust everyone until they give me a reason not to.

gremhog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Randall Bott said...

I never said they were an illusion. I said they were an allusion to the freemasons. A secret society and such.

Robin said...

Goodness Girlfriend... you do have a gift!!! Thanks for figuring me out. I appreciate you

gremhog said...

ok...illusion deleted...ALLUSION accepted. blame the wrist splint...or my crummy typing. but still NOT an allusion.

HollyCat said...

Great video, but I breast fed my neighbors children for months and didn't get the same reaction from people. :) HEEEE! About the "political" thing...I am all for freedom of speach, just about anything can be twisted into a lie or a truth...that is why we have that "still small voice."

HollyCat said...

By the way....the above was a JOKE!!! I DIDN"T BREAST FEED MY NEIGHBORS...yuck!

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