Monday, October 05, 2009


Marissa (graduated [Miami of Ohio] with a degree in art and now teaches at Marietta High School in Atlanta, GA. and is ward music director. If you know her and her personality you will totally relate to her remembrances. She's married to Hank, a graphic designer.)

Mrs. Czech was actually a really good teacher. she got me involved in alternative art projects that to this day, i have never had a class with those kinds of resources. The opportunities i got from teachers like her who had a wide range of interests really impacted the profession i ended up in, and in thinking i was good enough to pursue art.

mrs. gallagher (4th grade) was excellent because she pulled out our strengths and created a class community where the strong could really help the not so strong. plus she always smelled like peanut m & ms.

mr. hildebrand, despite all his shortcomings, was one of the more influential teachers who instilled in us the idea of valuing having integrity.

senora leonard was one of the best teachers i've ever had-she taught spanish and always was taking professional development workshops to become a better teacher, and would try out the best practices she learned on us.

mrs. gang was an awesome teacher-i did well in algebra and understood the concepts because she was so good at breaking it down, and math is my weak subject.

the main thing is-all these teachers put up with my crap, and still managed to not lose their cool with me, and still taught me well-more than the subject matter at hand-and now that i'm older, and have calmed down a bit, and am a teacher myself facing the same types of bratty kids ( and some not so same)--i can respect quite a bit what they did. i just hope when (if) they remember me, they have a little mercy on the fact that i was a teenager and still developing who i was...that i didn't scar them for life with my stupid ways.


kavita said...

Came here from LIN...i wish all the teachers of this world are as special as the teachers mentioned here.....i too have few very special teachers in my life who still inspire me.Lovely post.

Lin Floyd said...

Hey, you've meet kavita=from India. She bought one of my books. Small world. It really takes a village of people to raise our kids-their church leaders, parents, friends parents, teachers etc. to be examples and to care and love them. Great post. Enjoying getting to know your kids and my almost nieces and nephew better. "Aunt Lin"

Anonymous said...

You guys should check out for some pretty inspirational stories.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Nice entry, yo!

Dawn Mercedes said...

cute, cute hair do m2...

My stylist messed mine up b/c it's supposed to be like that too! Too bad I can't go to your stylist!

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