Friday, September 11, 2009

Steam Juicer

I felt pretty good on Wednesday and Robert thought I needed to get out of the house...and so out we got. We drove to Amish country to the famed Lehman's Store in Dalton (Kidron), OH which the intention to buy a steam juicer. We used to have concord grapes at 809 and did the old fashioned boil, strain thru cheesecloth...everything was purple but the jelly was great. Those vines died out and about 3 years ago Robert planted more. And naturally this month they came in like gangbusters. Totally wonderful grapes. But being somewhat incapacitated and both being old, we opted to buy a steamer. It worked wonderfully well. After that purchase as well as investigating the wood burning stove Robert wants to have installed in our fireplace up here, we ate out at the Amish Door in Wilmot. Great food everytime....and every time the waitresses have these fun aprons. Each time I comment on them. But THIS day, the waitress said I could buy a used one at the desk. Naturally Robert bought me one and I will use it as a pattern for more. But here is Robert, in HIS new apron (he says) getting ready to juice the grapes.
First water is poured into the bottom pan
and you can see Niko looking anxiously at all the activity. The smell of the grapes was oh so wonderful.

Here is the pure grape juice pouring out the tubing from the second compartment, having dripped down from the third.

While Robert did all the hot, hard, heavy stuff, I managed to make up some freezer grape jelly from a bit of the fruit.
You will notice the Gerber containers...recycled from when I cared for babies. They make a great size for just the 2 of us or should I want to gift one to someone. But I think it's enough for us.

That's what we did on Thursday. Today is Friday and Robert is LOVING this steam juicer. Jordan and Hillary gave us 70 tomato plants in the spring...just volunteers from outside their former apartment. I figured they wouldn't live...but lo, all 70 bore fruit...only they were all cherry tomatoes which I am not fond of. We've eaten as much as we could but can you picture 70 very healthy, producing plants? We have scads of these things.
So today Robert has made his own V8 drink using more of our own produce...including his hot peppers. Nah...I'm not going to be drinking this stuff but I will most certainly use it in casseroles. This is only one bucket full. Both sides of the sink were filled with the tomatoes. He had a great time, Robert did....and the house smelled incredibly delicious.

Lehmans....and if you get out that sure to stop in and visit the store. Here's a link for a little tour.


Lin said...

what a sweetie and he even looks good in an apron. LOL! sounds like your life is returning somewhat to normalcy...glad to hear it.

Dawn Mercedes said...

Dad looks SO HAPPY!! Work makes you strong, right? So you'll be strong and he'll be strong. xoxo

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Great job...looking good in that apron, Dad!

Hank said...

Hatch's Hootch has a nice ring to it ;)

JP said...

That Bishop sure is one handy guy! Yea, I like the apron too.

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