Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sept 15, 2009

Thankfully, the wonderful St. Casimir's church has a ramp and I was able to attend and say goodbye to my amazing Aunt...Ann Tanski. Robert and I got there early so I could take pictures of this church which I have always marveled at. When my grandmother was alive, I would attend mass with her and my Polish cousins. It wasn't often but they were times which really impressed me with beauty and the strength and love of the Polish people. Sadly I forgot that turning my camera sideways for the video meant the video has to be viewed sideways...but it is what it is. What caught my attention was the organist playing a song I knew so well...Largo from the New World Symphony (Going Home) by Antonin Dvorak...and had learned for the piano so many years ago. It's haunting beauty and sad tones made me hope that Ann had been embraced by all those who went home before her, like my own Father, her brother.

Ann was amazing. She was tall and beautiful. Full of spunk. She loved her family fiercely. Her oldest daughter died years ago from a brain tumor but the 2 remaining girls took very good care of her. Karen always brought her to things my family had, receptions mainly. One day I had pulled into her driveway and found her in her backyard, right up against the wall that separated I90 from her home, gardening. She had this lovely collection of lupines, which we loved. So she gave me a few of the seed pods and then dug up a couple and we planted them at 809. When we moved up here, the plants came with us. So Aunt Ann will always be a part of our yard.

Here is a montage of pictures I took as well as the sideways video....but listen to the organ and this wonderful 'hymn'.

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Lin Floyd said...

lovely church, so glad you could go...thanks goodness for ramps.

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