Thursday, August 27, 2009

Staples out

today robert took me back into see ankle dr. matko. marian b. was correct. it was so NOT NICE!!!!

At one point I suddenly felt very hot, lightheaded, faint, nauseus. that stopped everything while everyone scrambled...opening windows, robert was fanning me with the retch ketch pan, getting me water. that's me, over there.. during my weak time.

i thought i would prefer the boot/aircast thingy over that other thing but not so.

Dawn said i had to take a pix of my wrist so that 'it' wouldn't feel left out.

i promise, this will be the last nasty photos i post. from now on only sweetness and light. one/two good news......doc says i'll be able to walk by 2010 AND be able to drive my 2010 car by then as well. So, isn't that something to look forward to?

i remind myself i am not as seriously ill as todd, do not have cancer, do have an amazing husband who IS the butter on my bread. but i would like to cry. crying should release some or all of these negative pent-up emotions. my friend, MB, told me she cried today and she felt i know it works. sad movie anyone?

afterwards, i had robert take me on an outing. we were a convoy as he pushed me in the wheel chair and pulled the cart from behind. but it felt nice to be doing something sort of normal..however, i could not wait to get home and in the bed.


Dawn Mercedes said...

way to go Frankie!! xoxo

Millie said...

Oh Susan your scars are far more larger and longer than mine. I feel your pain and your wait. If I don't call tomorrow its because my mouth is full of gauze from my surgery. Sime pain right now. Need my drugs.

P.S I posted my flower garden on my nana blog, hope you can check it out. Hugs

kimlis said...

Those stitches on your wrist seem so unfair! I broke my wrist, had surgery, and pins -- no stitches (maybe 1 or 2?), no scar.

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