Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Longhorn Steakhouse

This afternoon we were with Pam/Ken, destination DINNER. We went to Hollo's first (that's the paper store and I got a great supply of 12x12 for the cricut...but they've increased the price to $1.25/pound...still amazingly reasonable). Because we had coupons to Mapleside we had planned to go there. We drove in the driveway and it was deserted....and dark.....and CLOSED ON MONDAYS AND TUESDAYS. Go figure.

Ken said to drive north on Pearl. Pam said to turn east on 82. We checked the restaurants and the boys opted for Longhorn Steakhouse. Oddly enough, none of us had ever eaten there. Were we ever glad. There was absolutely nothing we could complain about. Jessie, the server, was the best we have ever experienced. The food was amazing. Then Jordan Frank, the manager, came by. I tried to get him to find me the recipe for their wonderful bread but naturally he couldn't do that. Instead we each got to take home a fresh, warm loaf and he also gave us free desserts....the Stampeded.

We were plenty filled before the desserts arrived but there was no way we were going to leave without eating our fill and more. What a great surprise this night's dining turned out to be. And oh, yes...we will be going back....soon!

So if you are in the neighborhood of Strongsville, OH...be sure to go to Longhorns, right in front of the SouthPark Mall. Tell the 4 of us sent you...Rave about out experience. Try it for yourself. I emailed corporation offices and sang these praises, too.

Wow! OK..I'm full...time to take a lie-me-down!

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Lin said...

my hubby would love the place, he graduated from Univ of Texas at Austin and is a LONGHORN fan. Sounds fun.

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