Saturday, August 08, 2009

julia child's a workable, useable kitchen. I thought Marissa and Hank need this. I think I need this. So maybe when the snow flies, the garden is resting, the food is all preserved, I'll work on my kitchen...........or not.

Here's a good article.
Be sure to read the comment below the piece...about what her husband did and her counter tops' height. We did the same at 809...I miss my taller counters...badly!

Want to see the Julie and Julia movie but when? Maybe next week when Robert's on afternoons, and not laid off. Just need someone to go with.

Maybe I'll go cook something.


Millie said...

I would love to go with you to see the movie. Maybe we can round up a few RS sisters to go too. Let me know.

Lin said...

this is your kind of movie as you seem to be quite the cook. I want to see it also. thanks for answering my email. will try a new background soon. Lin

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