Friday, August 28, 2009

fun things

one night, a quickly darting figured raced by the window and left amazing gifts. emily's husband, chris, spends a lot of time in Paris. knowing robert's love of french pastries, he's been so kind to bring some. this is what came that amazing chocolate delicacy,,,,filled with a chocolate mousse and raspberries. oh my! was it ever good! i am fairly certain it has a name that refers to the hat a catholic priest wears, just not sure of the name. but my gift was just as spectacular. emily and i enjoy popup books and she gifted me with one i have never seen before. it was so nuch fun. how do you become a paper engineer? become an engineer first? well, that won't be easy for my brain. but wasn't that fun?

then the sweet Wares--mom Holly and kids Maddie and Nathan "took" me with them on their walk in the metropark. inside the basket were things the saw and pictures of them seeing.
I increased my family of succulents by Diane. i haven't given them personal names yet nor do i know their scientific names ( leaving that to UPS randy, my go-to guy for answers). But this one is Henry:
Henry bloomed off the long spike that came off the base.
But as i sat staring at it, I realized there was a face within the flowers...and the face so reminded me of a face that always sat on the body, that sat upon my door jam when I was young, bedridden with rheumatic fever. he was always there with me. It was more of a childlike version of the actual 'presence' but not too long ago, I realized that what i remembered actually looked more like pictures of my birth father.....hence the name.

I have received cards, lovely Hersheys, dinners, flowers, plants, tops, a lovely robe from my godparents, and the phone calls. Pam and Daphne come down each night to be sure I have what i need, lock me in, turn on a night light for robert. Pam just leaps in a does up any dishes, the last time beating Daphne to the chore. But it's great to have people who call and keep my mind busy. I am playing a scrabble game with lynda in WA (or is it OR) through facebook.

the Lord made sure Robert didn't die last night...which thought for whatever reason drove me insane...actually drove me tears, uncontrollable tears. But he's losing weight again and that has me worried. But worry is my greatest ability....bad as it is.

Life is good.


Dawn Mercedes said...

Mostly light and airy...Love the pix of the new plant!!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Love Henry! And what a cute gift from the Wares.

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