Saturday, August 08, 2009

Friday TV

Last night was the beginning of the odd seasons on USA....Monk and Psyche.

Robert kept saying that Despereaux, the thief in Psyche was the Dread Pirate Roberts. I knew he sounded like it, imitated the role, same voice...but how could that be My Wesley? But was. Sadly...age does this thing....makes us puffy and old....So I love the fact I can revisit my 'stars' and relive their youth.

And that reminds me of Mandy Pantikin....loved listening/watching him in the Broadway Series in Cleveland....but in my heart's eye, he still ought to look like Inigo MontoyaBut sadly, I guess I don't look like I did why should I be sad? Cuz I am!


Lin said...

I wonder if our spirit self ages or changes its appearance. it will be interesting one day to meet our ancestors who are the same age as us. My dad died at age 29 and most of my sons are older than that now. Aging is interesting and passing. LOL!

Nikki said...

oh, I had such a crush on Wesley. I still kinda do.

HollyCat said...

Sorry, Wesley belongs to me!!! That is our families favorite move "The princess bride". I think he is aging beautifully! It's funny because it is on TBS a lot and I always catch it "at my favorite part"...which is the whole I just end up watching it again and again! YUMMY!

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