Friday, August 07, 2009

Fireside Red Hats

I've mentioned my Red Hat group before....the group formerly known as SL Friends and Neighbors Womens Club. I joined the former my first week in SL in 1976, September. And I have loved them ever since. Last night we had a Pizza night with the planning for the next adventures. We come up with service activities because that's our base...not just party hearty...
But every time I am with these great women, I always come away feeling happy and better.

Last night across from me sat Kathy, in a great tshirt. I copied down what is said:

I will wear a red hat
I will laugh loudly
I will no longer keep my opinion to myself

I will pick a flower
I will shop all day
I will sing in the shower
I will eat chocolate.

Can you figure out which line I liked best? Several of you might have guessed the last one and you'd have my close 2nd choice.

But it is the OPINION one. I can remember my distant past when I really was quite quiet and shy, reserved. I remember returning to Robert's home town and chatting with one of Robert's former youth leaders who I had met when we were first married and living in Kennewick. He commented that he was so happy to see that I had come out of myself, and wasn't so quiet.
Most people I am sure think I have always been the way I am today. Not so.

But there are times when I sometimes have wondered what is stinkin' wrong with some people. Take for instance FACEBOOK...a really stupid public forum for absolutely nothing but contact. It would have served the sitcom FRIENDS very well. Everyone makes comments and laughs. They insult some times. They swear sometimes (nicely). They hate Obama. They love Obama. And it's all fine..........................


Some inane person takes something someone writes to SOMEONE ELSE in the wrong vein and gets bitchy. What is that all about? Yes, it happened to me. And the funny thing is...the first comment that entered my head hasn't been there in 40 years. But it would have been the perfect retort. OTR/OTS.

Nah, I didn't bother to even write it. I just did a disconnect to the person I wrote to and figured if this is the type of people she associates with I am better off finding a new pal....and with Facebook there are a myriad of old friends (I don't do the farm thing but have enjoyed Farkle and Word Island).

Do I have opinions? You betcha I do. I have them by the truckload. And usually offer them up when asked. Sometimes even when I'm not asked. But lately I try to not until I am asked. But watch out if you ask! If you ask, you're gonna get my views. And if they are strong views, I will probably state them with vehemence. And I am NOT the sort of person who has to be suckingly, sickenly saccrine. Some people just need to face reality...not all things are nice, look nice.

So yes....I will no longer keep my opinion to myself. If you don't like that, don't ask. don't tell. don't even look!

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JP said...

wow zow. missed that comment.

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