Tuesday, August 04, 2009


For years we had this amazing donut place in Lorain...It was Bob's. They had the best donuts. Everytime I'd go I would say I ought to work there and Bob would tell me to buy his place and he'd work for me. He had the place up for sale for so long. He finally just closed it and died that very weekend.

Next in line for good donuts was Bill's. It was just down from the steel mill so they had quite the clientelle. Robert told me last week that Bill's was closing and becoming just a catering business and on Saturday, Robert brought home the last of the Bill's offerings.
Sadly, they weren't as good as usual and I barely ate half of one or maybe I've outgrown my love of donuts...no, that can't be. But anyway, another donut place is gone. The next best thing is either in N. Ridgeville (Beckers) or Amherst (Kiedrowski). Both a bit of a distance. Personally I prefer Beckers. Oh well.... Yes, Saint Cinnamon is opening in a couple of weeks and I am glad...but they don't do my kind of donuts. I don't care for Dunkin Donuts but they'll have to do. Not big on the grocery store ones. Forget Krispy Kreme...really hate them unless they have just rolled off the assembly line at the one store in Parma. Besides the donut itself, the glaze has to be the crinkly kind, the one that sorta flakes off in pieces, not drippy. Anyone have that recipe?

Goodbye, Bill!


Millie said...

There would never be a bakery like Bob's Donut's. They made not only the best donuts but their bread was to die for. His wife Stella was a client of ours (Beauty Shop) and every Ash Wednesday she would bring us a huge box of hot cross buns...they were suberb! We looked forward to those hot cross buns every year. And for Christmas she would bring each stylist a large box of bake goods as a gift. If you want good bake goods & bread go to Fligner's their stuff is just as good as Bob's, but they will never match Bob's...he was the best!.

Lin said...

I bet you can make Susi's donuts that would outsell any of those donuts. Here all we have is Krispy Kremes used to be spudnuts made of potato flour? these days I don't eat donuts as no one has made any sugar free ones. too bad but think of all the calories I miss.

Nicole said...

oooohhhh....I can almost taste those donuts. I loved Bill's, I'm sad we won't be able to eat them when we come home to visit anymore.

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