Thursday, July 23, 2009

Saint Cinnamon

When Dawn was 15, I had taken a trip to visit Sophia and got home to discover she had acquired a job at the Lil ice cream spot in Paradise. It's changed hands a couple of times but always remains for us, Dawn's Lil Dipper.

But it's being renovated at present after a few years of being vacant. My friend Ken went up and talked to the workers and we know know what's going in there. And from the look of their website, it looks to be someplace I will be happy to frequent. Breakfast and lunches and snacks!

That being said, I have to say that Sunday night while playing iPod Touch with Marian, she shared with me the most amazing Sticky Buns. Now I make really good cinnamon rolls but I am always on the look out for even better ones...and she makes them. But that should not surprise me....Marian makes everything better and she does so with such ease. I stood at the island and watched her casually but efficiently frost those rolls and easy she makes it look. Perhaps because she does it all the time. She says she will share the recipe...and I hope she does.

But it would have been better for our Paradise if Marian had opened a Saint Marian's Pie/Roll shoppe. Now that would have been ideal. Instead she just likes being a chain of hair salons. Darn.

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