Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mary Poppins

We have had the Broadway season series tickets in Cleveland again this year. Last night started the final offering of the season, Mary Poppins. For lots of reasons, yesterday was a weepy day for me so by the time I got to the State Theater and the musical, I was ready for a good cry...and good cry of appreciation for this show, the music, the performers, the artistry, the sets, THE MAGIC etc. was what I got. I called Jill from the parking garage and begged her to let me go with her if she goes. Hey...maybe I'll just go by myself. I know Robert would go with me again. He enjoyed it as much as I did...but I know he's got a life and scads of things to do. I can't tell you how wonderful it was. I shouldn't. But I will post some YouTubes. I texted friends and family at intermission and told them how superb it was. Marissa/Hank could see it in Atlanta in the spring and I hope they do. I suggested to Jordan/Hillary and Dawn/Ken/kids and Cara/Jacob/kids to come to Cleveland in the next 3 weeks and see it here. I'd go every time....every single time. I'd ask Jocelyn/Steve/kids to come but they are headed to Colorado and probably couldn't make the trip back here again so soon....Jocelyn who loved MP herself in more ways than I could mention needs to find these videos online and have g/s/a watch.

Mary Poppins has always been a joy, MP the movie...but last night....the stage production outshone the movie. Little details that probably were in the original books in 1934, and left out of the movie, but present in this production, certainly gave you insight into Mr. Banks. I loved it...can you tell?

Yesterday, I bought the London Cast's music CD from Amazon on MP3 which meant it was instanteously download, and then burned it to my own CD...It'll be with me forever.

Now, enjoy these!

Here's a link that I can't embed but thank you Disney for putting this on the web. STEP IN TIME. What I learned last night was that the chimney sweeps are basically guardian angels who step in time to help us out....and I immediately thought of The Guardian Angel (and then the tears really flowed) but I believe in guardian angels...some other worldly and some very worldly who have always been there for me. on that link and watch this wonderful segment. And even if you intend to go, it just gets better in real life.

I had previous posted a YouTube like this but here goes again. It came before the Chimney Sweeps and I loved it. These are the same Mary and Bert who performed for us in Cleveland as they did in NY.....Ashley Brown and Gavin Lee!

oh do, please, take your wee ones to see this. There were so many kids in the audience last night and they were the perfect theater goers to witness this spectacle with. And oh do, please, become a wee one yourself.

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Lin said...

sounds like a wonderful theatre experience...

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