Sunday, July 05, 2009

how a little parades grows

I don't know if everyone can view these pictures but if you can see them you'll see how our little parade in SL, which began in 1977, can grow. This is Jocelyn and Steve's Parade this year...she worried that last year's draw would be a one time deal...instead they had upwards of 125 people. Way to go. And if you can't see the pictures, then just imagine.

There's just so much fun having people walk out of their homes and join in the parade. All along the route. To have a cornet ring out taps. A lovely voice singing the National Anthem.


Lin said...

wow you are a real pioneer and a success as a parent to have family traditions carried on my your grown kids.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Thanks Mom...this was one of your best traditions! Great memories...Now you've got to check out the video that my neighbor put together using pics/vids from the parade:

JP said...

Wow! What great fun!

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