Saturday, July 11, 2009

Grampa Hatch (aka papa hatch)

I have always been a Walton fan...and an episode that often comes to mind is when the tire blew on their old truck and Olivia, JimBob, and Elizabeth are lost on the mountain. Jim Bob shows just how much of a man he was (since earlier he wasn't allowed to hunting with the other brothers because he was too young) by protecting and providing for his mom and sister. And he learned it all from his grandpa Walton. He even showed how he learned to catch a fish by slowly tickling the underside of a fish til he could fling it onto the side of the pond.

We've had the cutest bunny in our backyard this year....cute but oh so destructive. Niko has not been a good watchdog...altho he did kill 2 of the bunnies when they were very young. This third one has lived to eat his way through our first planting of beans, has managed to get through the bird netting and fencing we put up around the square foot garden plots. Just now, Robert saw the bunny, totally tame and munching on grass. He comes in to get a sheet and successfully trapped the bunny in the sheet.

Robert held it tenderly and got into the car while I drove down to Freedom Park, at the end of our street (Jocelyn said that was appropriate), and he let the bunny go....where there are no gardens, and lots of grass and trees. This isn't the first time Robert has reminded me of wise ol' Grampa Walton but as he ages, Robert grows more and more like him. A couple of nights ago he had 3 year old Guy out building a fire so we could have 'smores...decked out in sturdy shoes and careful to be far away from the embers.

So today we add to Robert's list of accomplishments (he earned the honor of being Davy Crockett winner 2 years in a run as Scout Master).....a bunny hunter.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Yay for Papa the Bunny Hunter! And bestest grandpa to my wee bunnies!

Lin said...

reminds me of his dad, one of the original grandpa hatches and then there was greast grandpa hatch in scipio-both gentle men and knowledgeable about how to solve problems. carrying on the traditions. hope the bunny doesn't have gps capabilities to find his way home. lol!

Millie said...

Yay Bishop...Good job!

JP said...

I'm grateful that it was the bishop that got the bunny and not Niko!

Dawn Mercedes said...

great...another fire reference with the shoes...oh brother. Maybe Cody just needed to be told to settle down with waving burning limbs around. He spoiled it for the rest of the boys. We make fires all the time with the emerts...everyone is wearing sandles and no one horses around like that.

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