Wednesday, June 17, 2009

whew! wednesday

Wow! This has been a crazy week so far and who knows when it will end. Dawn and Cara and kids are here and they are so busy and so much fun. So far they have played Wii, played board games, gone to the library, gone to the beach and snorkled, done something called Letter Boxing that Cara taught everyone about....she's such an outdoor mom. Dawn and some of the kids made friendship bracelets. We visited my godparents and took them to lunch. . .imagine 14 people, 8 of which are squirrely kids, in a very small apt and then at a restaurant...but my godparents loved it. Cody made us a fire in the open hearth and we had hotdogs and 'smores. We prepare, eat or cleanup all day long. My kitchen floor is one continue sticky this how it was when my 5 were young and at home? I remember some sticky but this?! wow! Oh and way too many boys who can't hit the target in the bathroom, if you get my drift.

It's been super nice having Robert home this week so he could enjoy the grands...even tho layoff is not a good thing to be on. Today is a bit gloomy...BUT the Florida truck arrives in just over an hour filled with wonderful peaches and I am determined to get there. Robert has a couple of HAVE TOs today which include visiting a young father who is in critical shape in the hospital with a hole in his esophagus. 3 surgeries in just over a week and I haven't heard anything good yet. We continue to pray for his recovery. I also have a friend whose father died and I need to make a visit there. As I look at the calendar I realize the last 3 days have quite a few items on I am not sure which I will need to cancel.

Robert plans to drive up to Michigan on Friday to came with Ken and Connor and Evan for the Fathers/Sons I may go with and play with the girls or maybe I'll just stay home and work at cleaning the house and resting my poor, swollen feet.

OHOH...I hear stirrings...which means the food time will begin shortly.


Lin said...

what a fun time with family. let them cook and you put your swollen feet up-afterall you are the grandma. LOL!

Millie said...

Enjoy those moments, because those moments with them are priceless. I miss my boys and I wish I had that noise and dirty floor again. They were precious times that are now hidden deep inside my heart..

marissa said...

sounds fun! wish we were there!

mom/caryn said...

I'd say that you need a cozy spot to put your feet up and unravel...
Sounds like a full calendar allright... but, it has so much that is perfect and precious in it.

Thank you for your kind words on my post.


Dawn Mercedes said...

thanks for hosting...and next time, Con would love to be included on the fire making festivities.

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