Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Still on vacation but what really made today thrilling was the phone call from Hillary and Jordan announcing that they will be having a girl! How perfect for them. We are so excited for them. Look up I think they will be posting the pix very soon.

Monday night there was a HUGE storm here but Ron and I totally slept through it. Marian and Robert, however, witnessed it and said it was incredible. How much so? Electricity, satellite service, and WiFi were all knocked out. WiFi just came back on now. Hence this entry.

I just cannot begin to tell you what an amazing experience the Buchanans have shown us. Honestly. So incredible! We have swam. Snorkling became easier the more I do it and today I did it a lot. So lovely. Each time I get ready to put my face in the water, I have to think: breathe through your mouth, Susan. Be brave. You can do it. AND I DID. It is such a wonderful world under water.

We did a lot of shopping yesterday on St. John. But that was AFTER the people ferry ran into rocks, destroyed half the propeller and could only steer one way. Immediately Robert got out the life vests and put his on. The ride was really rocky. Initially we were told we were having to return to St. Thomas. After 1-1/4 hours Marian stands up and announced that we had arrived at St. Johns after all. Whew! It was a bit unnerving. But the shopping was fun.

This morning, Robert and I, as usual up early went and enjoyed the fitness center, sauna, steam room, hot tub and pool. They were all just about empty. I learned that where I do enjoy a hot tub and empty pool I most definitely am not a sauna nor a steam room sort of girl.

After a quick breakfast we headed to Sapphire Beach. Snorkling there was a pleasure. So many schools of fish. I wondered when they got summer vacation but Robert said they are home schooled year round.

Quite a few iguanas on this beach. I was lying on the sand, reading the book for RS book club and Ron said, susan, you friend is here. I turned myhead to see one right at myface. I let out a squeel and it jumped. I settled down and spoke quitely to it and it came right back to me. I was still lying down quietly and it came right up and kissed my arm with its tongue. I loved it. I think I took more pix of the guys than of the water.

We came home, cleaned up, and shopped St. Thomas. Do I tell you what Robert bought me? Hmmmmmm? Well, OK. He bought me my first diamond ring. As most of you know I have not been a diamond person ever. I prefer opals (which I also got one of yesterday) and anything with color. But I had told Robert that the day I wanted a diamond would be the day I would get one. So today became the day. It was fun being with marian because she has the same sense of style and good taste that my mom had. We narrowed the selections down to 3 and then Robert made the final decision. Then came the haggling. So now I own a lovely blue (see....I still had to have color!) diamond with the regular diamond color diamonds, in white gold. It's already been sized and I love it. What an extravagance but I love it.

Robert looked at a Jaeger-le-coulter watch costing $21,000... it was a double watch, break one watch and you can flip it over and you have another perfectly good one. This was developed for polo players. No! He did not buy it. Bit it was fun to have seen and touched such a timespiece.

Oh to have had this week away from the normal. To enjoy the beautiful land and sea. To have family who miss us (and deals with Nico). What a great life I have. I am truly blessed. So Faithful Reader .... Good night!


Dawn Mercedes said...

ooh, what a fun report! NIko was put to bed about 9:30. He got out a few mins ago and I put him back in, shut off hte lights in tihe hallway and shut this computer room door. He's fine. Just misses you.

Lin said...

what a great vacation your are having snorkeling and diamonds and iguanas-can't wait to see your photos.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Can't wait to see that ring!

JP said...

Can't wait to see your jewels and pics of iggy!

JP said...

Can't wait to see your jewels and pics of iggy!

teamk said...

Wow! I was blown away when I read you got a diamond!!! A day to remember!

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