Thursday, June 25, 2009

St Thomas

At last...I will start short entries with pictures from our trip. Thanks to those of you who keep asking. . .you are like me. I love to enjoy pictures...even if I don't have a clue who these people are. And it's hard not to be the one on the trip, or at least it has been for me. But I live vicariously quite well.

Thanks to Marian and Ron who have a time share there, we were able to have an amazing adventure. Usually they have one of their kids/family with them but as luck would have it, this time none of them could go so we got to fill the spot. Marian and Ron were so generous in their time and explanations of what and where and how and who. I can see why they love this place for its looks and amenities but I also saw these two fine people relax....somewhat. As business owners and employers and parents, rest never comes very easily....but for them it came. Ron lives to snorkle and we tried to be good learners. Robert's mustache got in the way of a good seal for his face mask. My facemask worked beautifully. I just had to keep telling myself that I could do this...I could breathe through this tube that was filling my mouth. That I wasn't going to die. That I should NOT go deep or else I would have to exhale sharply. The surprise was how salty the water was. But it WAS restful to just lie on top the water and see the grand world beneath. On Ron's suggestion I bought along a disposable underwater camera and hopefully will one day remember to get the film developed...and then I promise to post whatever might have turned out.Here is small picture of the boys snorkling the first night we arrived.

This is where we stayed. It is owned by Marriott and so colorful. Those of you who visited me at 809 know that I prefer a mass of color, real colors , definite colors rather than the pristine, sterile white. So this place was perfect for me. I loved to be on the beach or at the pool and looked up at all these grand colors. And naturally, you need to see the view from our balcony. The Buchanans had their own private balcony and bedroom, as did we. One night there was this terrific storm which I slept through. Robert, however, was awakened by these huge boomers but decided to allow me to sleep.

In the morning, we discovered the satellite was knocked out as was the WiFi to the whole island. TV was restored rather quickly...WiFi, well, not so fast.

I have to insert here that having my iPod Touch with me was perfect! You gotta get yourselves one or an iPhone if you need that. For Robert and me..the Touch was all we need.

So for now, that's the first entry. A big "thank you" to Ron and Marian for inviting us and showing us such a fantastic time.

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Lin said...

what a fun opportunity-glad you could escape all responsibilities and recreate.

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