Sunday, June 28, 2009


  Altho this picture is really not about shopping, it was such a funny shot that Robert has entitled it…”Ron, being told we are not snorkling but SHOPPING again”.  Probably he did feel this way as often as we did go shopping.

It helped that they knew all the good places to shop, as well as able to direct us to places they’ve been often and didn’t need to go again.

I think everyone has to stop and peruse the venders that are on the streets.  Man, it has to be hot for them, day after day. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb 043

Perfume…I have never seen so many perfume stores and in such combinations. Several had a separate room for the alcohol which was probably for the men when the women shopped.  Saw that at the diamond stores as well. And yes, I bought some perfume.  But I also bought a diamond ring…a blue diamond ring which has a design that looks like the surf (not that I noticed it first but when it was pointed out to me, it’s what I see all the time…what a lovely remembrance of the trip).  Linda had told me that there were these blue diamonds and as you know I don’t like diamonds. They just aren’t colorful enough for me…but to see the blue diamonds.  WOW…now those I could deal with.

But I could also deal with opals, mother of pearl and amber.  So yes…I bought a lot but all with cash…they are all paid for so I didn’t go into hock for any of them.   Then there were the croc flipflops that Marian suggested (both robert and i have a pair but his are not flipflops). 

There are these wonderful alley ways, small places where you can find the most amazing things…and all have such pretty doors.  Here’s a great blue one…and you can see how vintage it is.  Apparently, ships would arrive filled with brick for ballast or some sort of reason. They would unload the bricks and load up the goods they had come for. The bricks were used to build warehouses and these warehouses have since been used to become small shops.  Oh yes…this place caters to the vacationers…especially those from the cruise ships.

                                                                                  Hey McKenna….what do you think of this lovely fairy? Well, look at what she’s only ONE of:

This is a chandelier..I was told how many there were of these little fairies…can’t remember, but there were hundreds of them.  And they would all me to buy this chandelier and ship it to me.  Spectacular.

And then there was this amber museum which we used as shelter from the heat on our walking tour (more on that another day).  Here’s another chandelier of amber. .that’s a replica of one given to Columbus I think it was.

Then there was Gladys.  Gladys owns a lot I think…including being the tenant of a lot of the stores.  She has this perfectly lovely eatery. She sits at the bar and sings.  But she grows the hot peppers   and jars the hot pepper sauce.  She was delightful.  Even as a songstress.  I brought home several hot sauces for my men, some from her, some from another bottler.

Best part of shopping….TAX FREE!


Lin said...

what a fun trip you had, love to see your photos....

mom/caryn said...

I'm lovong this trip!! Where in the heck are you? It looks like a "must see" destination..

I've been slammed with life and work and family and haven't been on the blogging circuit for what seems like a century.. Your last three posts were such a fun way to jump into it again...

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