Monday, June 01, 2009

Garage Sale gone Bust

This morning, Holly came to get me to go to a multi-family garage sale. We got there a few minutes early, sat in the car and chatted. Then when people started wandering up the driveway, we joined them. And waited. And waited. And waited. We weren't in a hurry but one ol' cranky man certainly was...and he was rude to boot. First he yells in their window. Next he fumes around the yard. Then he knocks on the door. Well, yes, now it was after 9 but I don't think I would have gone out of the door either with that sort of behavior. So another woman and Holly and I left. We just didn't want to be associated with that grumpy plus Holly needed to go to Walmart.

So off to Walmart we Avon. Not only did Walmart have what Holly needed, they also had the movie (Forever Strong) I went to 4 stores on Saturday to buy and no one carried it. Not even Borders nor Barnes and Noble! And it was cheaper than the online price and no shipping handling. So I'm a happy DVDer. I know some of you HATE Walmart but I don't. I can always find what I want at Walmart...well, OK...I didn't find the Libman mop I wanted but otherwise, I usually do. So that was a happy moment....a DVD!

Then we opted for a brunch at Athena's ... because she hadn't had breakfast, and I had OJ at 4:30am. But we blamed it on Roger as it was his favorite place and so we would remember him. It's always a lark being with Holly. Here's what I learned from her today:

She insists on drinking decaf coffee when she's with me just to bug me....sadly she doesn't get it that I'm not bugged...I expect it from her. But it made for a good chuckle and a lot of denying.

She loves her dad so much. Gary is her best friend (and by the way, we love Gary, too). She gets all fluttery when she knows she will see him. They have great times together and Gary makes a point of making a casual event memorable. Recently they walked BAREFOOT to a garage sale and Holly commented...but then Gary told her that she would look back at this moment and remember that they walked barefoot to a garage sale. And he's correct. As often as they garage sale, this would be a time she will remember.

Then there's her mom, Connie. I think Holly get a lot from her mom, especially the love part. I love going to the parties for Holly and Steven's kids...Connie comes up with the best gifts, each suited for the child. Holly loves to keep me up on her mom's doings. I knew Connie for years and am grateful she so loved my mom. It keeps the connection firm.

Holly tells me when we are together she turns into a ? What? I can't remember the word she used. But the conversation went like this: "If you see me and I'm around Susan, run! But if I'm alone, it's OK to approach me." Let me say, this is so NOT true...but we do go over the top most times.

Among the rapid fire conversations, we discussed: child discipline techniques (and thankfully she agrees with me); how she would babysit for me IF I were to be pregnant (that was after I related a morning conversation I had with Jill about weight gain); how we needed to race up to get that baby stroller for MY baby (not!); crazy drunks who work in the school district (is there no background check except for the required payment for fingerprinting); how 2 ugly parents produce beautiful children; how 1 normal and 1 ugly produce normal if you're lucky; how 2 normals produce homely (yes I know how cruel...but this was ALL Holly's ideas); how a big award, never received in our district, was only rewarded with a generic Congratulations, not even a DQ certificate; the value of Walmart; the stupidity of smoking and smokers; and do I get up at 4:30am because it's left over from the days I taught Seminary (and yes, that's what started it).

OK...probably by now you have stopped reading. So that's my Holly in the picture. She's hiding her sunburnt nose (she rides her bike to work, rain or shine) and laughing the whole time. She's my daughter Dawn's friend but also mine. I taught her in Seminary and it was a great time getting to know her as an adult. She started the day off complaining that I never blog about her but I blog about everyone and everything I warned her.....And now she's blogged. But she's well worth getting to know...IF you ever run into someone with a sunburnt nose, hiding behind her hand.


Lin said...

well I read your whole post about holly and about you not being I'm going to fix lunch. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! That was quite lovely! By the way, the coffee was yummy! Love you! xo Holly

mom/caryn said...

I read it all... I liked it all... I laughed at it all...

It sounds like a GREAT day. And they were probably only selling junk at that garage sale anyway. Sure is fun to hit a really good one though, isn't it?

I also bought "Forever Strong" at our local WalMart last week-end. I came right home and played it for my husband who used to be both a coach and a youth therapist. He related to it on a couple of fronts and liked it as well as I did... and that's a lot.

Jean said...

This is the first time I've visited your 'blog, and I loved it. I'll be back, promise.

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