Thursday, June 11, 2009

beach meet

Something I forgot to mention last entry. Robert is very chatty with strangers normally. He asks a simple question and then sits back and listens forever. Yesterday while at the beach he saw a southern Utah college tshirt on a kid and somehow started to chat up an adult. As it turns out that man and family were there with another family on Disney cruise and were spending the day on the beach ( from Las Vegas ). And one on the sons there will enter the MTC next week and will serve in the Ohio Cleveland Mission. So we were able to meet the future Elder Tyler Hunt. Naturally we hope that at some time within the next two years he will be assigned to our ward. Is the world small?

Ok, this is our last full day here. As I lie here writing this entry I think I've hatched a plan. Now to wake up Robert and see what he thinks. More later. Love to all. See you on Sunday.


Lin said...

what a fun time you've had. I feel sorry for that utah missionary who will be teased unmercifully when he arrives at your door step about being from Utah! LOL!

JP said...

It's a small world after all!

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