Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mandy and Patti

What a lovely evening we had last night. Another Broadway Series presentation (and if you get this series in your area each really ought to save up and buy tickets...the offerings are always super). This one paired Mandy Patinkin and Patti Lupone singing all the songs from various and famous Broadway shows...all blending from one to another. Both are Julliard trained.

No sets, no costumes....but it was great. The great way we start each evening is to attend the Broadway Buzz...which is a half hour show before The Show, with just Joe Garry talking about what we will see. Last night we learned the different between The Performer vs. The Actor and The Personality Actor vs. the Impersonator. Plus how the great stars of Broadway use to arrive and depart in furs and limos and today often walk out to their hotels in a trench coat as Patti did. It was a great lecture on how the stars need to make each show as crisp and as new as if it were the first ever.

Personally we both felt that we would have been happier to have just listened to Mandy....he's still got the far superior voice. But they were fine together and it was fine.

Watching him it was hard to find the Inigo Montoyo of yesteryear but watching this YouTube reminded me of why I fell in love with him...that and memories of losing a very young Jordan in the grocery store and finding him by following his little voice in the aisles repeating this classic line.

And if you have time and want to see a version of a cute scene using desk is it:


Lin said...

sounds like a fun evening-good for you two.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

you guys have all the fun!

Dawn Mercedes said...

hehe...I felt like Jocelyn b/c I knew all the words to that first clip!

mom/caryn said...

A great actor, with a great voice, and a scene from one of my favorite movies (especially the parts with him in it)

Who could ask for more than that?
Well... okay... maybe I could ask for some season tickets, but that's probably greedy.

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