Friday, May 29, 2009

Thanks Cara

Here's a shoutout to Cara who introduced Square Foot Gardening to Robert. Initially I had thought Jocelyn had but it turns out Jocelyn told Robert about it...having heard about it from Cara. And Cara was kind enough to send Robert the book. Robert has had such a great spring building these raised gardens. As you can see, our square foots are not square, but rather rectangles. In the pictures I've attached you can see Robert making up our great soil. Easy in a few steps vs. the 33 years it took to make our soil friable at 809 using sand and silt and compost. But this book had all the isntructions. Robert's favorite phrase while he does this? "This is arn's." (Grapes of Wrath quote). But making the soil with pete moss, vermiculite and 5 different kinds of composts and who knows what else certainly has made a difference. He's a happy camper and planting seeds and starts has been made so much easier.

If you look around the South and West sides of the fence, you will see a 2' wide garden area the full length....The west side was to have been for our beans until Jordan gave Robert 70 tomato plants that were just volunteers from his small garden. And Robert planted them all! Hence we planted a lot more serrano peppers and cilantro so we can make Dawn's salsa and can it. Pam laughed about that because I'm not really big on salsa but I enjoy Dawn's. The newest bed that you see in the works doesn't have the cross strips yet but has already been planted with more beans. We have beans, onions and peas planted down at 809 already. The South side has our raspberry canes which transplanted and grew very nicely.

So thanks Cara for the book...Thanks Jocelyn for the encouragement...Thanks Robert for all the sweat work. Now to install the white fencing and gate so as to keep the dogs (Niko and the bulldogs) out of the garden area. This has been quite fun. My mom's flowers have come up and reminded me of her. Our flowers that we transplanted from 809 are coming up and reminds me of our years in that home.

Below you will see my favorite guy in the garden. This was made by Cara and given to us years ago. This year he sports a lovely cowlick of grass and pretty johnny-jump-ups. The fence is no longer in front of him (that was to keep Niko away from the dogs behind us and off the plants that had been there). So he's quite the showcase in our backyard.


Dawn Mercedes said...

wow...what hard work~! I"m sure the harvest will be great!

Lin said...

you are having too much fun. i love salsa. we planted tomatoes our first year here but it was too hot for them to set so now it's just strawberries and flowers. No work.

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