Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday and CERT

Sunday major activities had concluded. I had walked to the front window, phone in hand to call Pam and to admire my succulents (got 2 new ones today on Memorial Day toes and a split rock), when all of a sudden there was this huge explosion sound. I jumped back, Robert raced outside and yelled..."call 9-1-1".

A woman's car was up on the lawn on the house west of ours and we could see no other car around...but her car was a disaster and the debris was all over the street. Robert raced to don his CERT apparel and settled the woman down, encouraging her to remain still so as not to create more health issues for herself and then began stopping traffic.

I had called 9-1-1 three times and no one ever answered...I find that very disconcerting and worrisome. My neighbor Sandra had just started her bike ride but put down the bike and went out into the street to stop the westbound traffic as Robert stopped the eastbound.

I stood between them and we managed to control the flow very well. Truthfully, it took the police a lot longer than our little 3 miles x 3/4 mile city should have managed. When the policeman arrived, Robert turned the situation over to him but he still needed traffic control. It took even longer for the fire and paramedics to arrive...all the while the 3 of us are directing in my barefeet but that's pretty normal for me. Then I get a call from the SL dispatcher asking if I had called 9-1-1. I explained I had and why and that there was now a police cruiser on the scene. She asked if I had seen the other car which left the scene but I had not...and it was rather apparent that the driver of the 2nd car NEVER STOPPED. But from the damage of the white car, it would seem that the errant car must have sustained some bad damage as well.

So for over an hour, we diverted traffic and had a good time....laughing at the scowls we got from drivers who didn't want to go around but had no choice, laughing at friends who laughed back at us as they drove, and really appreciate the thumbs up we got from some of the cars. The towtruck driver told Sandra and I we needed to be paid by the city for a job well done and the thanks from the first police officer was a nice 'payment'.

I have to say, I was pleased that Robert had the CERT training well in his head so as to make him race for the outfit after settling the woman down and then proceeding to stop traffic. All it all, the event probably lasted close to 90 minutes but who really looks at the clock. The paramedics took the woman to the hospital and we hope to hear the outcome. Naturally we'd love to have been able to pummel the driver of the car that caused the accident and left...moms truly are like that...we defend the victims at all costs, don't we?

So that's my report today about yesterday. Happy Memorial Day to all...especially to our veterans...those who serve(d), died, and returned home. I am grateful as I remember my 3 dads and my grandfather...all veterans.


Kate said...

Sounds like you did a great job. How lucky that city is to have you guys!

Lin said...

exciting neighborhood you live in...a day to remember.

Millie said...

What a day...Thank God you were home.

Dawn Mercedes said...

As I always say...all the fun happens to YOU!! Glad you were able to document it!

Nikki said...

Wow, what an eventful Sunday.

teamk said...

It sounds like under pressure you guys were AWESOME!I am sure friends loved seeing you barefoot out in the street wearing your gear. I love the photos too! Maybe the newspaper wants them.

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