Saturday, May 30, 2009


It late Saturday. Our renter is moving out of 809. Robert took me down to show me the flowers...all in bloom and spectacular. And I sighed and mourned and wanted those flowers to be blooming at my house. The lupines which my Auntie Ann gave me are incredible (I'll go take a pix and post later so come back). My jacks didn't get moved. The peonies from my Aunt Carol's home on Law Road are fully in bloom the whole south side. Amazing. Then there's the clymatis...incredible rich purple growing up over the garden thingy. And the Japanese looking irises that Rebecca gave us are still down there. Man!

Yes, I know...I can't have everything up here...but I WANT THEM UP HERE! Suddenly I remember The Littlest Angel who wanted his little brown box filled with all the things he loved. Well, he got it! Why can't I have the flowers?! I ask you! I ought to call in my friends who are really good at gardens and BEG them to come help me do what I can't do. But oh well...that's not gonna happen. That doesn't even NEED to happen.

OK...Billie called. We talked about handouts for tomorrow and as she hung up, having heard me whine, she said to go do something and stop sulking/whining. And she's SO right, Bless Her heart!


Lin said...

good friend and good advice. can't you enjoy the flowers from 809 in bouquets and slowly but surely plant a few each season to enrich your new place?

Kate said...

Billie's awesome like that, isn't she? I'd help but I've no clue how and would probably end up killing them!

mom/caryn said...

There's a song I used to sing that seems to describe what you're feeling a little bit. It goes something like this:

All I want is all there is and then some.
All I want is all there is and more

Well why? Why not? If I'm gonna want, I'm gonna want a lot.

Now here's the score... Why wish for a loaf of bread, when I can wish for the grocery store.

Or something to that effect.

I don't blame you one bit! I'd want every last one of those beautiful flowers full of fragrance and memories to follow me to my new home. Maybe you can get a start or two ... no?

Millie said...

Can't you dig the flowers out of 809 and transfer them to 3830?

Dawn Mercedes said...

still waiting for pix

Rebecca Stay said...

Billie is great, isn't she?
And I loved the "handouts."
OK, I have about 200 more Japanese iris here, so you can leave those at 809 AND plant more where you are!

And anyone else who wants some, just come and I'll dig some up for you.

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