Saturday, May 16, 2009


2 from last week showing Robert enjoying his Father's Day Gift from the Barretts. Again, I have to say, I love the technology in today's world. Used for good it is a powerful tool.

The second is my new potted corkscrew. I dragged Diane with me to Pettiti's yesterday afternoon to help me pick out a red plant for my neighbors' 40th anniversary. Somehow that was the last we selected...instead, I just kept finding things I HAD to have, even stealing a Fuzzy Jew from Diane's clutches. This morning, Daphne of the Bulldogs called for Hillary and I to go visit an estate sale across the street. The pot is what I found...3 faces of a lion. Very nice. We had a lovely time viewing this amazing house across the street this this huge Florida room that overlooks Lake Erie. It was amazing, and probably more so in its heyday.

Last night Robert and Jordan and Ken and his two boys...all "Hatch" men in one way or another, attended the Stake Aaronic Priesthood Commemoration in Hiram, OH. They camped, they made dutch oven meals and ate for at least 4 hours straight. Lots of frolics in the woods and today there were service projects at the John Johnson Historic Farm. Hillary and I? We ate at Tuesdays and then saw "Angels and Demons". Do NOT listen to reviewers...go see this fun, action packed flick. Yes, some of the moments were predictable but it was still great escapism. How can you not love a movie with Tom Hanks in it...the rest of the cast?...didn't have a clue who they were.


Lin said...

sounds like the girls are having fun while the guys are off doing their thing. that's great.

Dawn Mercedes said...

nice overview! glad papa still enjoys the songs.

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