Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sand Fantasy

Walter sent me this movie...and luckily it was on YouTube so I could post it here. I really am glad that Walter and his wife Dee are my friends....in so many ways and for so many reasons. I have just read a blog from Lin and enjoyed her latest entry. I left a comment because I have often wondered why people see so little fun in honesty. Everyone wants to be PC, to never hear the truth, let alone speak it. So up-tightness in the world. But to have a real friend who loves you just as you are is a gift! Like none other. And lately I've been even more glad that I'm not a young mother today....so few people listen to their own hearts, but are so into listening to the advice of experts, who are no experts at all.....just mere mortals who think they know it all.

Reminded me of a situation where Sherri Dew couldn't figure out why a group of women couldn't listen to the conference because they had to listen to Oprah....like she's an expert on anything.

So here's what Walter sent me...hope you have a moment to view the whole...think of trees, and The Garden, and Eve....and you and me. At least that's what I thought about when I first watched it...but you can think anything you want....and what did you think about?


Lin said...

wow, that was gorgeous-like a dance how she used her hands to make art and tell a story. will have to watch it again. I think that's the goal to have our hubby be our best friend and helpmate...

Kate said...

That was pretty cool. What an amazing artist!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Are you ready to come see us!?

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