Wednesday, May 27, 2009

red hat auctions

I really should have taken my camera last night with me to our Fireside Red Hat White Elephant auction. We had so much fun...but stills would not have done the night justice. Just a video but you wouldn't get much from such a short video.

As you recall, our red hats are not the drink and party hats...we are the serve and eat and party hats. So last night, we each brought 2 white elephant gifts wrapped which were then auctioned off by Lynette, our fearless mother leader. She didn't know what they were either but she sure convinced us we needed whatever it was. And the moneys bid/won will be given to the battered women shelter here.

It was a lark...oh how I wish everyone could understand what fun we had...and yes, we began the night be planning other events and then eating and then the bidding. It's way too funny to see who will outbid whom and who will win the most. Normally you would think that a white elephant deal would involve just junk...not so last night. We all submitted rather fun stuff. Robert is still chuckling at my last win...
He thinks the urn needs to be filled with peanut M&Ms....I don't know what I think it needs to be filled with. But I am considering covering my cherub with some acrylic so that he can withstand the summer sun. But we sure did have a great night. It's good to get out and laugh...don't you agree?


Lin said...

we all need to get out more with other women and laugh, enjoy ourselves. it's called re-creation. good for you.

Nikki said...

Sounds like a fun night. I would agree with Bishop, but I would probably fill it will the dark chocolate M&M's myself!

Millie said...

Wow..What a good time. I like your gift its better than the ones I get in those events. It looks like it goes well with the style of your bedroom furniture. Pieces like those are great to stain with raw umber or leave it in the yard to age gracefully.

Dawn Mercedes said...

that looks like soemtihng gunner would have in her home 30 years ago!

mom/caryn said...

That was one of the best Red Hatter activities I've heard of. Our Cedar City chapter didn't ever do much besides go out to eat. I don't miss it much. I did have some truly GREAT hats, though! Between my sister and I we had 29 of them. We're both compulsive consumers. Well... we were. Just a tad of the wisdom that supposedly comes with age finally took hold.

Sure wish you had a video of the night. Sounds like such a giggle!

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