Friday, May 15, 2009


Friday...oughta be a 'do-something' day but it's not turning out that way. And I NEED to get to a store to buy my neighbors a 40th wedding gift (any ideas? Call me FAST) for their BBQ celebration tomorrow afternoon. Instead I've wiled away my morning (tho I did clean) reading some new blogs. Boy, people are the most interesting things on earth, aren't they?

I've read about guns (that was scary); Time Out (which you all know how I feel about that); Cookies (having trouble getting back into baking them now that my 5 offspring/bakers have moved on to greater things+++like marriage and kids who get to eat their moms' cookies); Fruits (as in 'by them shall you know them'); Bear Claw Poppies (that appear to be endangered--see pix attached); Antiques (of which I guess I don't have any); fishing (which I don't; poetry (mine would have to rhyme and end up being boring)...etc.

I loved reading the blogs...and I always love to leave comments. I hope my comments are understood to be MY comments. Robert doesn't understand why anyone would want to make their lives so public. I don't understand why people use blogs to yell at people or to make a stand (altho I can do that...haha) or to get preachy. I just think blogs are a fun way to share non-important, but fun personal ideas (apologies to the GAs who have encouraged us to share our religion thru blogs). And the comments I always get are pure joys to read. So keep commenting. I have seldom had to delete any (just the crass ones)...I figure if you are brave enough to comment, I am brave enough to let the comment stand.

THEN, I found this from a favorite nephew's blog (you remember, the one who saved my life once!) and he was quoting someone else:

If you don’t like the way Apple runs its store, don’t buy from it.
… If you don’t like gay marriage, don’t do it.
… If you don’t like murder, don’t commit it.
… If you don’t like France, don’t go there.
… If you don’t like math, don’t learn it.
… If you don’t care for Enron, don’t buy the stock.
… If you don’t like subprime, don’t take one out.
Why am I starting to wonder if there might not be something a little bit wrong with this form of argument?

To which Foorat replied:

If you don’t like that form of argument, don’t use it.


Lin said...

wow, my endangered plant photo is multiplying now if the plant just would...

Millie said...

I couldn't say it better!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

If you don't like my blog, don't comment on it...oh yeah, you don't! That's ok, now at least I know why you don't! :) Who is Foorat?

Jocelyn Christensen said...

I need your fave nephew's blog address, please!

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